Kourtney Kardashian Just Co-Signed This Year’s Coziest Decor Trend

Kourtney Kardashian / Instagram
Kourtney Kardashian's home features oversized floor cushions, a cozy new trend

Having cool seating in your home is the ultimate status symbol these days, and honestly, the weirder the better. Celebrity and influencer homes are currently full of modular Mario Bellini couches and De Sede sofas that slightly resemble lava, so it's not surprising that Kourtney Kardashian has officially added oversized floor cushions to the growing list of It seating options.

The Poosh founder took to Instagram on Dec. 9 seemingly to show off her holiday decor, posting an image of her and her friend Veronique Vicari Barnes lounging underneath a ceiling-grazing, tinsel-covered Christmas tree. It was impossible not to notice, however, that the "high school besties" (as Kardashian noted in her caption) were also sitting atop a very chic, very large pile of floor pillows.

While oversized cushions and cozy poufs are certainly not a new concept, Kardashian's versions were especially large, and more closely resembled a cozy beanbag or an ultra-trendy Togo chair than your average floor pillow. In fact, as more and more seating gets closer to the ground, the 41-year-old's design choice seems to hint at the fact that, thanks to the enormous amount of time we're now spending in our homes, our furniture is only going to continue to get cozier and more lounge-worthy — a trend many of us can get behind.

The rest of Kardashian's house seems to point in that direction, anyway; the reality TV star's minimalist home is full of low-to-the-floor couches and accent chairs, all covered in similar neutral, soothing tones and soft-looking fabrics. And considering she (and all her sisters) have access to the best designers in the world, it's likely she's well ahead of the trends the rest of us will soon be adopting — massive cushions included.

While at the moment, it's actually not easy to find floor pillows of this size outside of the large dog bed category (which, TBH, Kardashian's cushion does kind of resemble), there is a handful of brands that are clearly ahead of the curve making similar versions. A few of those you can shop now, ahead.

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