This ‘80s Sofa Trend Now Has A Stamp Of Approval From Emily Ratajkowski

Curvy furniture is here to stay.

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Emily Ratajkowski / Instagram
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It doesn’t take an expert eye to recognize that nearly all of the current major design trends have roots in the past. Details, colors, and silhouettes have been re-emerging from decades like the ‘50s and ‘70s in full force in the past couple of years, and that only seems to become more true by the day. Yet in 2021, there does seem to be one era that’s starting to reign supreme over them all: The 1980s and all its funky, brightly colored glory. And arguably its most beloved trend? Wavy furniture, such as the curved sofa and similar pieces that reside in the homes of celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski and more.

It’s true that all kinds of curves, wiggles, and waves from the ‘80s have been back in style for a while now; in fact, their return is arguably one of the biggest movements in design as of late. But it’s the rounded furniture born of the trend that’s likely the most ubiquitous, given its relative simplicity and adaptability to any style. Which is why it’s no surprise that it’s now found in some of the most stylish homes in the world — including those of many stars.

Emily Ratajkowski / Instagram

The velvet pink couch that Ratajkowski recently posted on her Instagram is just one example, though it’s the perfect embodiment of the different forms curved sofas can take. The 29-year-old’s features rounded edges at its ends, as well as a curve in the middle to turn it into a sectional. (While not included on hers, it’s also common to see a wave along the back edge or even at the bottom of the piece.) The model didn’t stop there, though. She’s such a fan of the trend, she even added a curved couch in another style to her living room — this time, with a simple rounded shape and a pistachio green shade.

While Ratajkowski’s versions lean toward the colorful end of the ‘80s, other celebrities have opted for a different approach. Trendsetters such as Gabrielle Union and Claudia Schiffer (among many more) chose curved sofas in a bouclé fabric for their spaces, leaning into another trend with roots in the decade in a more subdued way.

Their pieces continue to demonstrate just how versatile this furniture style can be. Sure, it can be loud and statement-making, like the colorful couches in Ratajkowski’s airy home. But the soft curves and waves of this trend can also provide more subdued pieces with unexpected elements that take them from plain to perfectly chic.

It’s probably safe to say you can count on these sofas to remain in demand for the foreseeable future; after all, Ratajkowski, Union, and Schiffer are well-known tastemakers who are often at the forefront of what’s “in.” And considering the many additional celebrities who have given this trend their stamp of approval, it’s likely that others will continue to follow suit. You can too, with the curved couches, ahead.

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