These 2024 Home Decor Trends Will Inspire Your Future Interior

No matter your square footage or budget.

2024 home decor
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The beginning of a new year is a time of reevaluating and refreshing — and for many people that includes the space within which they surround themselves. Whether it’s a deep decluttering to clear your mind or a more dramatic renovation to totally transport you, there’s no shortage of ways you make your interior feel more inspiring. But if you’re not quite sure where to start, who better to turn to than decor experts for intel on what’s new and next? According to top designers, 2024’s biggest home decor trends include something for every style, every budget (renters included!), and every size space.

While these upcoming trends run the gamut from soothing and spa-like to big and bold, there’s one overarching theme you should expect to see a lot more of in 2024: Personalization. Since so many jobs have pivoted to hybrid or even fully remote models, it’s more important than ever to have a space that feels as functional as it does comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. “In 2024, people will be looking to make their now homes their dream homes,” says Jonathan Gabrio, head of connected Experience center at Samsung Electronics America. “According to our research, 69% of Americans wish they had more flexible home spaces that can be used for multiple activities, so they want convenient ways to transform that aren’t permanent.”

The concept of a “dream home” is different for everyone. Perhaps it means a smarter home, filled with technology that makes daily tasks more simple and seamless. For others, it could mean setting a mood that provides a grounding respite from the outside word. No matter which category you fall into — or another one altogether — you’re sure to find something in 2024’s most anticipated trends that will give you the transformation you’re seeking. Ahead, learn more about nine that designers say will be having their moment in the year ahead, as well as how you can try them for yourself in ways big and small.

Quiet Luxury

The phrase “quiet luxury” first seemed to surface when trend forecasters and fashion reporters set their sights on Sofia Richie Grainge’s ultra sophisticated yet unpretentious wedding earlier this year, and it’s since blown up and expanded to an overall lifestyle aspiration. So what does it mean when it comes to home decor? According to Peak Petersen, interior design principal at Hoedemaker Pfeiffer, it’s all about a balance of old and new, plus the use of high quality materials and calm color palettes. “The overall feel is collected, sophisticated and chic,” she explains. “On a small scale, one could quiet the colors in a space and incorporate a stone lamp, such as the Bianca Marble Table Lamp from CB2. On a larger scale, one could wrap their walls in a warm white plaster, invest in a caramel-tone mohair sofa and splurge on a one-of-a-kind sculptural side table from Casey McCafferty. Quiet luxury is all about the IYKYK pieces that are meaningful to the inhabitants of the space.”

Just simply switching up the hues in your home can help you achieve this effect, as Ginger Curtis, CEO and founder of Urbanology Designs, tells TZR. “Create a sanctuary with a neutral color palette of soft creams, taupe and rich warm tones, setting the stage for a calm and sophisticated ambiance.”

Textured Walls

You likely already know the dramatic change that can result by simply adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls, but have you ever considered trying out a different texture? This effect, which designers say will be huge in 2024, can be achieved a variety of ways. “Plain painted walls might take a backseat to textured wall treatments,” Curtis says. “From textured wallpapers to textured paint finishes like Venetian plaster or stucco, these add depth and interest to rooms.”

Not ready for a major commitment? Try a removable wallpaper in grasscloth or linen, and start with one statement wall. But if you ready for a more involved project, you could try limewashing, an effect used frequently in homes designed by Emily Del Bello, who recently launched a debut lighting collaboration with fellow female-founded brand Blueprint Lighting. “It adds so much texture to the space and creates a cloud-like experience,” she explains. “We have used it in living rooms, bedrooms, mudrooms, etc. The possibilities are endless!”

Spa Bathrooms

With the rising focus on self-care, more spa-like bathrooms continue to be a major decor trend — and one that can be tackled a few ways. One way, according to Petersen, is going for a monochromatic affect. “Keeping all tones of a bathroom space closely aligned is one of the secrets to creating a spa-like space,” she shares. “Whether the space is all white, or a moody forest green, the monotone nature is what calms the eye.”

A more involved way to try this in your home is with the installation of new features and fixtures — from backlit mirrors to high-end hardware and beyond. It all just depends on your budget and how much reno you’re willing to take on. “Steam showers, infrared saunas and cold plunges are being incorporated more and more into our designs as they get more affordable and accessible,” says Brad Ramsey, principal and founder of Brad Ramsey Interiors.

Of course materials matter when you’re creating a spa setting. Think linen shower curtains, wood bath runners, and of other luxe textiles — that includes your robe and towels, as Curtis mentions.

Biophilic Design

The bathroom isn’t the only place you should expect to see signs of nature, according to top interior designers and stylists. Biophilic design, a concept used to connect the indoor and outdoor worlds, will be bigger than ever in 2024. So how can you achieve it? “Embrace biophilic design principles by bringing nature indoors with low-maintenance indoor plants, maximizing natural light, and using branches right outside your home to create stunning arrangements,” Curtis tells us. “This holistic approach creates a harmonious and luxurious living space that speaks to both comfort and elegance.”

Bold Patterns

Muted tones and minimalist decor not really your thing? Don’t worry, this year you’ll see a major resurgence of bold patterns — from walls to upholstery and beyond. And as Devon Wegman, founder and design director of Devon Grace Interiors, explains that’s because so many people are getting tired of the same old, same old. “I think 2024 is going to be all about bold, dramatic moves,” she says. “People are tired of playing it safe (at least we are) and sticking with neutrals, soft textures everywhere. People no longer want their home to look just like their neighbors, but instead want their home to be one-of-a-kind, and in order to do that, it's critical to take risks!”

Some ways Curtis suggests incorporating more maximalism include art and accessories. Look for bold, expressive pieces to create a more eclectic effect.

Reclaimed Materials

Sustainability reins supreme in so many aspects of life as we move into the future, and that includes how you decorate your home. One way to do it? The use of reclaimed materials, explains Kelly Jimenez, architect principal at Hoedemaker Pfeiffer. “People are more aware of the value of existing structures and objects and the waste created by discarding them,” she notes. “I think we’ll see design embracing and reimagining the old in new and exciting ways.”

Reclaimed materials aren’t exactly new, but Todd Beyerlein, architect principal at Hoedemaker Pfeiffer, believes this year you’ll see them in a different way. “Rustic reclaimed materials are on their way out, to be replaced by reclaimed materials that have been refurbished and revived for their next life,” he tells us. Brands including Sabai and MINNA are among those whose upcycled/recycled materials have been completely reimagined in a modern way.


According to Mary Ta, Founder MASS Beverly, the curvy furniture and decor trend shows no sign of slowing down in 2024 — and that’s because such shapes offer a sense of warmth and welcoming. “We believe this trend started coming out of the pandemic with a desire for more comforting and enveloping shapes and luscious materials — velvets, boucles, and all,” she says. Not ready to splurge on a curvy sofa? Ta explains that soft-shaped pillows can help create that same sense of comfort, but on a smaller scale.

Brown Tones

Remember the latte makeup trend from this summer? This color story is coming to your homes next. “Brown tones and browned yellow in particular are feeling nostalgic and very fresh right now,” Ta tells us. “This trend came out of the fashion world first and represents a very classic European sensibility. The brown color story has made its way back into the home stateside — modern and comfortably nostalgic at the same time.” You can see these grounded hues in the newly launched FENDI Casa collection, but it’s easy to create a similar effect if you don’t have a designer budget — starting with paint. Ramsey says he’s currently loving Sherwin Williams’ Iced Mocha 9092 in his clients’ homes, but you can also incorporate accessories in shades of coffee and cappuccino to instantly create a feeling of chic comfort and grounding warmth.

Smarter Homes

One of the year’s biggest trends is one you don’t always see, per se. Smart devices will continue to be a major part of making homes more user-friendly. “Connected tech, such as Samsung SmartThings, not only helps you manage your home chores but can elevate your living space for better self-care,” says Gabrio. “We expect to see people using these systems to connect their home devices together and create individualized routines around setting the mood, waking up refreshed or getting better sleep, while removing the motivational hurdles behind things like working out.”