How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

It's pretty simple. We promise.

by Bianca Lambert
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I’ve always had an obsession with bathrooms. I’m talking about the kind of powder rooms that invoke an immediate sense of tranquility and relaxation. You know, like the ones you see on Instagram and in the glossy pages of interior design magazines. Unfortunately, due to how little space I have, making my own bathroom look and feel like an oasis hasn’t been an easy feat. Over time though, I’ve come to learn that you don’t need a ton of square footage or beautiful backsplashes in order to obtain the spa-like bathroom of your dreams. In reality, it's all about the little things that adorn them. Ahead, five ways to help turn your basic bathroom into a bonafide day spa.

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Invest in plush fabric

I once underestimated the power of good linens, but have you ever noticed how luxurious the robes and towels at spas make you feel? Now, I fully appreciate the value of lush fabrics and how they can enhance a room. My personal favorite is a plush white towel set, but if pops of color boost your mood, opt for serene hues like sage, soft gray, or ivory. And you can't forget the other customary spa items: An absorbent robe and cozy slippers are both must-haves.

Ignite your senses

Every time I walk into a spa, there's always a signature scent that catches my attention. Candles and fragrant bath soaks are two great ways to recreate this effect at home and transform your space. If you love florals, try a soothing rose-scented candle. And if you’re more into grounding scents, lean into a shea butter-infused body wash or a nourishing bath soak.

Set the mood with music

Music can take almost any experience from good to great — and that includes when you're at home soaking up your me time. Since your speaker will be living in a space that is often filled with moisture, shoot for a waterproof one with Bluetooth capabilities. I’d also recommend selecting a speaker in a shade that will complement your bathroom decor for an added splash. Oh, and curate that shower or bath playlist before you hop in so you can spend your soak vibing out instead of playing DJ.

Don't forget body care

Taking time to massage your limbs with oil or cream isn’t just about moisturizing. It helps release tension in the body and ensures your skin gets every bit of the nourishment it deserves. Since spa days are generally all about slowing down, creating a body-care routine that helps you transport to a place of tranquility is essential. Add a dry brush to your pre-shower or bath ritual to slough away dead skin and stimulate the nervous system.

Add greenery or florals (or both)

Committing to purchasing fresh flowers for your home each week might not be sustainable. Still, you can make your space more spa-like with dried flowers, eucalyptus, or florals that can last up to a year. If caring for plants is more your speed, invest in planters that spark joy, and add plants that can survive in humid environments.

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