This Interior Design Trend Is 2023’s Answer To The Meditation Corner

Experts share their predictions for the year ahead.

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When TZR asked interior designers a year ago what their trend predictions for 2022 were, they gave kind of a wild mix. Maximalism! Vintage! Grandmillennial style! In came the predictions, and all things seemed to point to vibrancy and extremely loud self-expression. But while it was a fun run, it seems, for the most part, people may have had enough. The forecast for 2023 trends is officially in — and surprisingly, the experts say things are about to take a very subdued turn.

Sure, joy-filled design will still be around. Next year, though, designers expect to see a lot more nature in everything, giving the up-and-coming trends a decidedly calming and cohesive theme. From natural stone to organic shapes to warm, neutral hues, the details you’ll be surrounded by are about to create some seriously soothing rooms.

Yet 2023 isn’t just about one “look,” regardless of what the trends may suggest. According to Jean Lin from Colony, it will also be a time of leaning into authenticity and prioritizing spaces that make you happy — whatever that may mean. “You know, quiet greens and calming blues can combat a tumultuous political landscape, but ultimately it's the objects we fill our homes with that hold the most power to ease our anxieties,” she tells TZR. “Maybe it's your grandfather's collection of fly fishing lures, or maybe you're zealous for antique maps; whatever it is that brings your truest self to your living space is on trend.”

Studio 11 Design founder and principal Kellie Sirna shares similar thoughts, though she describes her trend prediction as “layering” for a well-rounded home. “Styling a space with artwork sourced from your favorite travels or decorating with family heirlooms allows you to bring your design narrative to life in a way that is personal to you,” she says. “Adding that last layer lends warmth, depth, and complexity to your space and encourages interacting with — and most importantly — enjoying your home in a new way.”

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how to decorate — above all, authenticity is what’s always truly in. However, there’s no harm in looking to what everyone else is loving for a little help discovering what speaks to you. So, keep scrolling to find the 2023 home decor trends interior designers are most excited about, ahead.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Natural Stone

Courtesy of LTW Design

Leia T. Ward of LTW Design tells TZR that she’s been attracted to natural stone more and more lately — and that attraction goes beyond just marble. “Rough-hewn stone with natural texture adds raw beauty and depth to interiors that no other design element can achieve,” she says. Jen Samson of Jen Samson Design is on the same page, sharing that she’s loving “natural stones (like marble and quartzite) in gorgeous colors with stunning veining and movement.”

To add this element of nature into your home, Ward does mention a stone wall as a possibility. But if that’s something you can’t commit to, “oversized stone planters or furnishings with stone elements are a great option,” she says. And if you’d like to use the material to add glamour or drama, Samson says to “try adding a red marble side table, go big with a pink or green stone dining table, or cover the walls of a shower.”

Warm Hues

While Ward notes that she likely won’t say goodbye to grays forever, right now, she’s particularly attracted to the warmer ambiance created by natural brown tones like camel and taupe. “We are also embracing beautiful warm-toned woods, velvet throw pillows in taupe greige, cozy throw blankets in varying neutrals, and textured vintage planters,” she says.

Interior designer Jake Arnold also cites neutrals and shades of brown as a trend, specifically within the rug space. This is reflected in his just-launched collection with Lulu and Georgia, which is made up almost entirely of these tones. According to Arnold, this trend is great because using a piece like this copper brown rug “instantly grounds a space, warms everything up, and works amazingly against a variety of woods.”

Kitchen Decoration

“The pandemic has made us all appreciate intimate moments,” says Anna Zaoui, co-founder of The Invisible Collection. Thus, she believes that in 2023, “A major trend will be an emphasis on kitchen decoration to make it feel like an extension of your living room where people can gather and share amazing moments.” How do you put this into practice, exactly? Zaoui says: “Using warm colors and different textures to create a special space within your kitchen area is a fantastic way to do this.” One example she gives is to incorporate cabinetry in painted wood with old-fashioned handles in copper or old gold-finish metal.


Apparently, curves are the trend that just won’t quit. Yes, they may have dominated the design scene for years now. But according to designers, they’re set to continue their reign into 2023. Elad Yifrach from L'Objet mentions that mineral and earth tones will be seen, in tandem with organic movements and details. Arnold says that rounded-edge and kidney-shaped decor will be big. And Sirna predicts lots of unexpected sculptural details. “This trend toward softer, curvaceous forms and imbuing elements of nature within our homes reflects a desire for comfort,” explains Yifrach.

To pull it off, Samson’s advice is to pair these shapes with the aforementioned natural stone to achieve “the soft but dramatic design that so many of our clients are leaning into for 2023.” So, she continues, “Add curves into your home with a chair or sofa that has soft feminine edges, or try accessorizing with a scalloped marble bowl.”

Rich & Moody Colors

Courtesy of LTW Design / Photo by Reid Rolls

You’ve got options with the color trends in 2023. Not only are warm neutrals going to be big, but both rich and moody hues are as well. “Our clients are looking to surround themselves in their own colorful story or what they want their story to become,” says Samson of the reason behind this. She cites details like “a velvet sofa in a deep forest green or rich reddish-brown” as a way to try it out; however, if you’re interested in a more intense look, Ward explains that she’s expecting to see even darker hues as well. “In coming projects, we are embracing moodiness in artful new ways,” she shares. “Whether we’re juxtaposing black and white or layering subtle shades of charcoal, moody hues create a casual sophistication that we love.”

Wine Rooms

If you were looking for a luxurious trend to indulge in, here’s your chance. It may seem out of left field, but according to Sirna, wine rooms are definitely on the up. “Size is relative and if you’re lucky enough to have an entire room to devote to your wine collection, then absolutely go all in,” she says. And despite how it sounds, you don’t actually have to have a ton of square footage to pull this off. “Transform an underutilized closet into an elegant space for entertaining by adding ambient lighting touches and bringing in shelves,” she explains. Sounds like 2023’s answer to the “meditation corner” trend is here, and we’re definitely on board.

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