The Meditation Corner Essentials That Kendall Jenner Has In Her Home

You don't need a lot to create a soothing space.

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Kendall Jenner / Instagram
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Though you may have never thought to create a whole corner dedicated to meditation and relaxation in your home a few years ago, thanks to 2020, this practice became a certified trend. Now, it's basically a necessity — no matter how small, you should have at least one spot in your space to retreat to when things get overwhelming. And luckily for those thinking of creating one, Kendall Jenner just shared the meditation corner essentials she keeps in her own room to help guide you.

It's no secret that Jenner's Los Angeles home is a soothing oasis in general. An Architectural Digest tour of the place in July 2020 showed just how true that was, demonstrating a serene, slightly bohemian vibe throughout. That said, the model, who has been vocal about her struggles with anxiety and panic attacks, also actively created spaces and rooms dedicated to helping her relax and recharge, such as her arts-and-crafts studio. And it seems her small meditation area is yet another.

Jenner posted the photo of what appears to be the seating area in her bedroom on Jan. 30, showing off a small setup complete with singing bowls, a meditation pillow, and soothing accessories like flowers and candles. And while it's a calming spot to be sure, it proves that, no matter how over the top your pad is, you don't need much at all to complete your own cozy corner.

Ready to start curating your own meditation corner essentials? Below are four that are Jenner-approved (plus a few pieces you can shop yourself).

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Meditation Corner Essential: Comfortable Seating

Sitting in front of Jenner's singing bowls is an essential that no meditation corner should be without: a floor pillow or covering. No matter how much time you spend in your spot, something comfortable will help make the experience much more enjoyable. To make sure it's extra cozy, consider the model's method of layering a rug underneath a cushion for added texture and warmth.

Meditation Corner Essential: Soothing Sounds

Jenner has shared that she has hired a sound healer in her home before to help manage her anxiety, so it makes sense that she's included a set of singing bowls in her meditation space. That said, this isn't the only way to include soothing sounds in your corner — something as simple as a speaker to play soft music or your favorite meditation podcast would work as well.

Meditation Corner Essential: Calming Scents

Scent can play a powerful role in helping you relax, so make sure you have something to help you set the mood like Jenner. In her corner, she makes use of a candle, but you could use something like aromatherapy via a diffuser to incorporate some soothing notes as well.

Meditation Corner Essential: Forms Of Nature

Not only can plants help boost your mood, but they're also perfect for setting the mood in your meditation corner. While Jenner relies on a fresh bouquet of flowers, you can also add plants, faux greenery, or even nature-inspired artwork to get a similar effect.

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