Jennifer Aniston’s Wine Cellar Will Have You Completely Rethinking Your Kitchen

It’s incredible.

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Jennifer Aniston / Instagram
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In a lot of ways, celebrities really are just like us — even when it comes to their homes. Their kitchens have normal stoves; their living rooms have normal couches; their bedrooms have normal beds. However, there are certain features that often crop up that are far from anything the average person usually claims. Case in point: the wine cellars, coolers, and more of the stars, which in almost every case we’ve found has been bougie to the extreme. That said, don’t let that discourage you — these wine storage ideas from celebs may be expensive, but they can still inspire a less over-the-top version for your own home.

Sure, A-listers may have massive coolers built into walls and entire rooms in their basements full of wine. Get creative, though, and you can see that there are takeaways to be had for most, even on smaller budgets. Love Salma Hayek’s cellar? Set up a corner with some wine racks and an armchair, and you’ve got a pared-down version of her luxe space. Obsessed with Cameron Diaz’s cabinet-turned-fridge? A custom option may be out of the question, but there are plenty of pieces that provide a similar function for less than anything tailor-made would be.

It must be said, of course, that some (like Jennifer Aniston’s huge glass display) probably don’t have an affordable counterpart. You’ve got to admit, though — in those cases, it’s just plain fun to look, ogle, and dream. On that note, continue on: Six wine storage ideas from celebrities to inspire you are ahead.

Jennifer Aniston

Once you’re able to tear your eyes away from Aniston carving a pumpkin in goggles, you may notice in the background of the video there’s a very large wine closet. Though that may be an understatement — the glass enclosure is honestly closer to being an enormous display case. It’s completely open to the kitchen, and has floor-to-ceiling shelves to show off her collection. If you want to brag about being a wine aficionado, this is one way to do it.

Salma Hayek

Clearly, Hayek is serious about collecting wines — she doesn’t just have a fridge, she’s got an entire cellar. In this cozy, stone-walled space, full racks line the room, making for an impressive display. Though this much wine would probably cost you a pretty penny, the setup itself (given you have the space) would actually be pretty easy to recreate. Just put up a few shelves, add in a comfy chair, and voilà — you not only have storage, but a fun place to enjoy a glass, too.

Cameron Diaz

Leave it to the Avaline wine co-founder herself to show up everyone with her beautifully designed wine fridge. There are no obvious displays here; rather, Diaz’s temperature-controlled storage is hidden within a sleek China cabinet. Thus, when her wine isn’t being consumed, it’s tucked away from sight.

Khloé Kardashian

Kardashian did not play when creating her home bar area — and that includes her wine storage as well. As she revealed in a video tour of the space a few years ago (which appears in these photos to have since been renovated), the door to the side of the bar opens to a wine cellar. This option is kind of the perfect blend between an overly visible case and one completely hidden away, like Diaz’s. In other words, it’s ideal for the person who wants people to know they have a wine collection, but doesn’t want to make a big statement.

Tia Mowry

Mowry’s wine case is in a hallway in her home, which gives it an art-like quality that’s hard not to love. The fridge displays each bottle horizontally so that they’re fully visible, and it features sleek black metal accents that add sophisticated style. That said, the fact that it’s flush with the wall helps it blend in and not become a major statement piece.

Molly Sims

Sims jokes a lot about her love of wine, so it’s no surprise that she’s added some impressive wine storage to her home. In this space, her case almost looks like a store display — it’s lined with tile, has rustic wood shelves, and features black doors with windows so that you’re able to see in. It even looks like it’s been merchandised, with various bottles setup in different directions. You’ve got to imagine that makes choosing a wine every day a lot more fun.

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