This Colorful Decor Trend Should Be On Your Radar For 2022, Says Chairish

It’s not for minimalists.

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The marble obsession of the past several years has been thoroughly documented; thanks to its minimal, organic nature, it’s become a ubiquitous material that’s a favorite of influencers and design enthusiasts alike. And while actual marble (as well as visual reproductions of real stone) remains a fixture in decor to this day, the trend itself has expanded as of late. Instead of simply the earthly pattern, 2022’s version involves marbleized decor of all kinds, including pieces featuring fabrics, paper, and more with a colorful, man-made marbling effect.

The proof that this trend is on the rise is in the numbers. According to the online marketplace Chairish, marble inventory is up 16% on the platform from November 2020 to November 2021. And that’s not all: Recent interest in the trend has also led to an uptick in sales on Chairish of marble items, which are up 30% in Q3 from this time last year. In fact, Chairish identified marbleized decor in a recent report as one of the top 2022 decor trends.

Why now? While there’s probably no one reason, it’s likely in part due to the demand for “Grandmillennial” decor, which tends to blend the old with the new in a lighthearted way. Chairish co-founder and president Anna Brockway shares similar thoughts. “Twice the color means double the fun!” she tells TZR. “Marble has a historic Old World quality, but when it’s multi-color, it feels entirely fresh and modern for 2022. The combination of complementary or contrasting colors brings a playfulness and wit to your home.”

To get in on the trend, you’ll need to begin decorating immediately. Start by shopping some of TZR’s marbleized decor picks, ahead.

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