Spring’s Buzziest Ring Styles Deserve A Spot In Your Jewelry Collection

Bling it on.

Spring 2024 ring trends
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After months of piling on layers to combat the teeth-chattering temperatures, there’s perhaps no better feeling than trading your heavy sweaters for tanks and tucking away your knee-high boots in favor of strappy sandals. But your wardrobe swap shouldn’t stop at clothing and footwear; your jewelry collection could likely use a new-season refresh as well. Fortunately, our favorite labels’ newest rings offerings are quite enticing. The biggest trends for spring 2024 hone in on joyful baubles — oh hello, whimsical shapes and cheery colors — that are right on-theme for the upcoming warm weather.

Jewelry last year, in general, had a huge focus on statement-making styles; now, it seems the maximalist look will prevail for the next several months. “Our hands have taken center stage in creative and style expression with nail and ring trends,” explains namesake jewelry designer Jenny Bird, adding that bold looks are in demand right now. “We want a hand that stands out as much as a sick pair of shoes.”

The expert’s advice for achieving a more is more aesthetic? Stacking miss-matched rings on multiple fingers. You could also pair dramatic silhouettes with more understated, simple pieces, recommends Emily Volaski, founder of SKN Collections. “I'm particularly drawn to this trend because it emphasizes personal style through conversation-starting pieces,” she says.

Now that you know how the fashion set will be wearing their rings once spring rolls around, keep scrolling to find nine spring 2024 styles to put in rotation now.

Dramatic Dome

Courtesy Of Elle Perahia

Leah Silverman, jewelry designer and founder of Elle Perahia, says dome rings are trending, and with good reason. One appealing element is the opportunity to have fun with the curved design, as the shape is quite wide and chunky. “From adding diamonds and gemstones in different shapes to engraving or detailing the metal, dome rings are customizable and can be completely unique,” notes Silverman.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Diamonds are the epitome of timeless — in other words, there’s no right or wrong time (or way) to wear them. However, namesake jewelry brand founder Melissa Kaye has noticed a lot of traction on its partial diamond rings during the spring and summer months. “The same way that we shed layers of clothing as the weather gets warmer, I think that people also like a jewel that feels more relaxed,” she tells TZR. Try a piece with a smattering of diamonds, or for a more maximalist take, opt for a style that’s heavy on the luxe stone.

High-Shine Silver

Sorry, gold jewelry devotees — silver is taking the spotlight. “Silver has a more attractive price point than gold, which could make it desirable,” Silverman states, also noting how the vintage-inspired look likely contributes to the metal’s recent boom. Anna Jewsbury, founder of Completedworks, echoes Silverman. “We have had increasing demand for silver, and I think it works really well for more sculptural and large-scale pieces,” she says. “It has an understated feeling to the material, which lends itself well to more voluminous designs.”

Standout Signet

Namesake jewelry designer Alison Lou has recently seen a surge in signet ring purchases, specifically from the brand’s CeLOUbrations collection. “The Away You Go Ring, which represents taking on a new chapter in life, travel, and adventure, has been a big seller,” she tells TZR. And Hessa Alshafar, the brainchild of Savolinna Jewelry, is in agreement. “Signet rings continue to have a moment for spring 2024, with modern twists on the classic design.” To be specific, Alshafar points to engraved initials as a key detail to look out for in the coming months.

Double The Fun

Volaski highlights toi et moi styles, which is a ring with two gemstones, as an of-the-moment choice. “They add a touch of modern femininity [to any look],” she explains. When it comes to this trend, the world is your oyster — you can opt for a style with anything from colorful stones to heart-shaped pearls, as evidenced below.

Pearls, Please

Don’t be afraid to pile on the pearls because the classic gemstone is poised to be the look du jour. “V.BELLAN has had incredible success with our pearl styles, many of which were best-sellers for us in 2023,” explains founder Vanessa Bellan, who predicts this will be the case in 2024 as well.

Cue The Color

The reign of Y2K continues: Rosanne Karmes, Sydney Evan’s founder and designer, says the decade will translate to finger accents this spring by way of bright hues like hot pink and electric blue. “The influence [of the aughts] is all about nostalgia and feel-good moments, and I love creating playful yet classic jewelry that just makes you happy wearing it,” she tells TZR. A word to the wise for those new to the look: You can start slow by mixing the pieces with your everyday gold or silver styles.

Pinky Swear

When’s the last time you wore a pinky ring? Maybe five or even 10 years ago? Well, you may want to dig them back up, as Silverman confirms the sweet accent is on the verge of a resurgence. “I personally have always loved a chunky diamond and gold pinky ring, so I'm hoping there is longevity beyond 2024!”

Let’s Get Personal

According to Lou, customization is on the rise. “Our Stellar Letter Ring is bold, timeless, and cool; it can represent your first, last, husband, child, or even pet's name.” V.BELLAN also offers the option to update a ring with the letter of your choice, which makes for an especially meaningful gift the receiver will hold on to for years to come.