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Spring 2024 color trends
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At this point, layering on multiple tops and cocooning yourself in an oversized blanket scarf may feel more like a chore than a fun fashion experiment. Hang in there, though, because spring will be here before you know it — and with the new season comes the opportunity to reinvigorate your closet. The best way to start the process? With the biggest spring 2024 color trends, all of which you can start wearing right now. This year, there are the usual suspects (we see and love you, pastels) as well as the unexpected, but each of the head-turning shades is worth incorporating into your wardrobe.

According to Emily McCarthy, the color strategist at WGSN, modern femininity was a throughline on the Spring/Summer 2024 catwalks, spotted at shows like Eudon Choi, Ulla Johnson, and Versace. More specifically, the expert notes that brighter hues took a back seat while gelato tones led the charge, particularly what she refers to as “Fondant Pink,” a soft and girlish blush.

“It was a key color for the season connecting to feelings of awe and delight, and a return to modern occasion dressing post-pandemic era.” says McCarthy.

Pared-back hues have also pervaded designers’ newest collections, reports Heather Gramston, senior head of men’s and women’s buying at Brownsfashion. “Spring/Summer 2024 was heavy on monochrome and neutrals, and we have seen a clear shift away from the sexy trend that dominated the runway for the past few seasons and a move towards refined elegance.” That said, understated does not mean boring. Namesake designer Autumn Adeigbo, who is known for bold motifs in her work, predicts that we’ll be seeing these subdued palettes put to inventive and eye-catching uses. “Especially prints in less saturated colors like lavender and neutrals,” she says.

Scroll ahead for a full breakdown of spring’s six top color trends, straight from the experts.

Ethereal Ivory

If you’re not one to bid farewell to your trusty muted pieces, good news: Ivory is going to emerge as a top trend this spring, says Katia Barros, co-founder of FARM Rio. “It's a color that works as the perfect background for delicate or vibrant florals, and FARM Rio's pre-spring collection is filled with petals on a backdrop of light and airy ivory — perfect for springtime.” Consider marrying the understated shade with something more striking for a look that packs a punch.

Ice Cold

Creatives expect faded out indigo and marine shades to soar in popularity over the next few months. One color that was present throughout the spring collection is pale sky blue, which Jodi Kahn, Neiman Marcus’ VP of luxury fashion, describes as a “barely-there” hue. McCarthy also notes that the color will take on the spotlight this spring due to its gender-inclusive and trans-seasonal appeal.

On Fire

Enjoying the moment red is having? It seems like the industry’s heavy hitters are, too. Indeed, Gramston says it was a key color on The Row and Valentino’s latest runways, shown in varying shades of poppy, scarlet, and crimson. Sabrina Tachdjian, founder of Tach Clothing, backs up this notion, agreeing that the intense shade will continue to be a frontrunner this spring. “It's a color we associate with volume, like 3D flowers and voluminous skirts.”

Meanwhile, BY FAR, a cult-favorite accessories brand that made its first foray into ready-to-wear last month, is focusing on a tone they call “Vamp Red.”

“It’s rich and intense, and we played into its sensuality by using it on lustrous creased leather, which further enhanced its invigorating quality,” Denitsa Bumbarova, the label’s creative director and co-founder, tells TZR.

Petal Power

“A powdery shade of rose accentuated many of the collections and ties back to the more understated color palette,” Kahn explains. Similarly, the pastel tone is also a favorite of Bernadette De Geyter and Charlotte De Geyter Pittoors, the founders of Bernadette, who sum it up as a soft, soothing color that instantly comforts you. “It's like receiving a sincere hug.” Plus, with bows trending this season, Pierre Sophia Dermirta, founder of Fanm Mon, has a feeling more women will be open to embracing feminine hues.

Espresso, Anyone?

A more surprising spring palette WGSM is currently tracking? Moodier tones. “Despite pastels dominating the color mix, dark hues overtook brights echoing the dystopian, dark romantic, and goth lite themes we forecast as consumers grapple with the ongoing poly crisis.” One trending dark shade McCarthy cites is Ground Coffee, a signature for the trend forecasting company. “[It’s a] WGSN core dark brown, and we expect this to gain traction as an alternative to black, adding warmth to pastels and bringing a new sensuality to occasionwear.”

Bumbarova, too, dabbled in the shade this season, namely a teddy brown hue. She says she explored this specific color due to its “sophistication and grounding energy.” Take their advice and put your LBD on the back burner in favor of a rich chocolate brown number. Or, accessorize with a leather bag and coordinating heels in the shade — it’s a surefire way to amp up your warm-weather outfits.

Lime Time

Don’t be surprised if you spot pops of chartreuse in footwear, handbags, and other accessories, as Kahn says they'll be omnipresent in no time. If you’re ready to dive headfirst into the color, though, why not purchase a lime-hued dress or jacket? Make 2024 the year you flex your fashion muscles.

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