Everyone Looks More Polished With A Shoulder Bag In Tow

It’s a fact.

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Look, as someone who lived the bulk of their twenties in the twee-fueled 2010s, I fully appreciate the appeal of a crossbody carryall: it’s practical, multipurpose, and has a certain playful, indie-cool kind of vibe. And I can’t tell you how many I schlepped around stuffed with days worth of random things in my early editorial assistant days. But now, as I’m more than settled into my thirties (and career), I couldn’t be more pleased to see the return of sleek and sophisticated shoulder-length silhouettes. They still have utility aplenty, but also feel so much more adult and refined. Like, sure, there’s room in there for you to put all the essentials, but you’ll need to edit down the selection like the discerning lady you are.

The style also has a certain air of sexy self-assurance to it. To effortlessly carry a little bundle of elegant leather tucked between your torso and upper arm requires, in my opinion, a certain level of poise. Just picture Carolyn Bessette Kennedy nonchalantly waiting for a town car with a perfectly mid-sized sleek black satchel or a 20-something Paris Hilton in a velour sweatsuit, cheekily toting a candy-colored duffel shape (that’s hot). And then, naturally, there’s Carrie Bradshaw and her beloved Fendi baguettes, perhaps the cultural pinnacle of shoulder bags and the chic, unbothered girl-about-town energy they exude. No matter how blingy or ostentatious her arm candy was, the character carried the accessory like it was an extension of her very being.

And while channeling that level of magnetic sophistication requires tapping into an inner confidence, the right purse can often help you find it. Ahead, 10 options worth trying.

Brandon Blackwood
Lisa Shoulder Bag
If you’ve jumped on the silver jewelry bandwagon, the hardware on classic little black bag will make for an excellent match.

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