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Why I Wear My One-Piece Swimsuits Even When I'm Not Near Water

It’s my go-to summer styling trick.

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Kelsey Stewart
Kelsey Stewart
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I’m well aware that this might be an unpopular opinion, however, I hate bodysuit shopping. I’ve found a few gems (shout out to Free People and Aritzia), but I also have major qualms, namely that the majority of bodysuits ride up or scrunch in the butt. I’ve also never found the bottom snaps to be comfortable or convenient, just awkward. This is why over the past two summers, I’ve been wearing my favorite one-piece swimsuits as bodysuits instead — it’s a simple hack that I’ve found has so much versatility.

Before you completely dismiss the idea, hear me out. If you think about it, a one-piece checks all the boxes that many search for in a bodysuit — comfort, style, and bonus points for being waterproof (hey, you never know when you might find yourself near a pool in the summer). And if you’re worried about looking like you’re wearing swimwear while out and about at a restaurant or bar, there are a number of up-and-coming brands that have pieces that don’t even look like a bathing suit (read: no one will blink an eye). For starters, London-based brand Maiyo offers up chic crochet suits that you could get away with wearing to a nice dinner. Then there’s my long-time favorite label OOKIOH, which is the go-to destination for funky prints and trendy silhouettes.

To prove to you that your one-piece swimsuit can replace a regular bodysuit for just about any occasion you have planned for the rest of the season, I put together four looks below. From a dinner date to an afternoon in the park, follow my favorite summer styling trick below.

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Night Out

Kelsey Stewart

I’ll start off with the most luxe swimsuit in my lineup — Maiyo’s Poppy suit. Though I’ve only owned it for a month or so now, it’s become my go-to going-out piece. The crochet is very on-trend for the season, and the glitzy floral embellishments make it feel dressy. I’ll either pair with my leather Bermuda shorts or black denim if I’m going for a more casual look. Plus, it comes with a gold chain belt for those nights where I’m really trying to make a statement.

Afternoon In The Park

Most of my weekends are spent lounging on a blanket in Prospect Park with my friends and one-year-old puppy. For these afternoons, a printed one-piece swimsuit is both fun and practical if I decide to go to the dog beach. If we are doing a picnic, I’ll finish off with denim cutoffs. But for those days where I’m planning on playing fetch with my pup, Nike shorts are the move.

Happy Hour

Kelsey Stewart

For Friday night happy hours, I like showing a bit of skin with a cutout suit, like OOKIOH’s Key Biscayne one-piece. You can also choose a swimsuit with a cool stomach cutout if you’re looking for other ways to expose skin, such as Andrea Iyamah’s DAHO one-piece. I tend to balance out the slightly revealing suit with a long denim maxi skirt or loose jeans if it’s not a scorcher out.

Dinner Date

Kelsey Stewart

The comfiest, most versatile swimsuit I own is the Sunday Suit by Left On Friday. Not to mention, while some swimsuits tend to snag, this one looks as good as it did when I got it almost three years ago. I’ll wear it absolutely everywhere, but lately, I’ve been dressing it up for dinners with friends. To do this, I like pairing it with my silk midi skirt in the same color to make the outfit feel put together. I’ll finish off with jewelry and my high-heel Reformation flip-flops and I’m set.

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