The Summer 2021 Swimsuit Trends Designers Predict Will Blow Up

Soak up the sun in style.

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These days, swimsuits aren’t just reserved for days spent in a recliner chair near the pool or laying on a towel in the sand. In fact, over the past year — particularly with the closure of many public pools and beaches in 2020 — the influencer set has proved that bikinis are suitable as tops, while one-pieces can double as bodysuits. Therefore, the summer 2021 swimsuit trends will take you everywhere from casual get-togethers with friends to surfing the waves.

Marcelo Gaia, designer and owner of Mirror Palais, thinks with the lockdown, swimwear is the ultimate form of escapism. “Receiving a brightly colored or unique one-of-a-kind vintage swimsuit in the mail before even planning a vacation can give you hope and something to look forward to as the world slowly starts to reopen,” he tells TZR. Similarly, Agnes Fischer, founder of Fisch Swim explains, “in 2021 I think we’re really shifting the focus to personal style and unique touches.” The expert believes this will translate to interesting textures and vintage-inspired prints that can take classic swim silhouettes from the pool to elsewhere.

No matter if you lean towards bold patterns or more neutral shades, ahead, find 10 swimwear trends that founders of top swim brands predict will take off this summer. And consider starting to wear these pieces around the house right now.

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Summer 2021 Swimsuit Trend: Cool Cutouts

“I think interesting and fun cutouts are going to be very popular for summer 2021,” Shea Marie, founder of Same, tells TZR. “It's a trend in the fashion world and a lot of times these trends carry over to swimwear.” And Brigid Wygod, founder of Follow Suit Swimwear, anticipates this style to be especially prominent on one-piece suits. “A well-placed cutout on a one-piece can really elevate your basic silhouette and give it a more artful and a more interesting look,” she tells TZR.

Summer 2021 Swimsuit Trend: Micro-Strings

Morgan Brutocao, co-founder owner and co-designer of LA’MARIETTE, says thin bikini strings and multiway tops will be big this summer. “Micro-strings allow for minimal tan lines and multiway tops to make you feel like you're wearing something different each time,” she explains. “It keeps things feeling fresh and stylish.”

Summer 2021 Swimsuit Trend: High-Sheen Fabric

According to Brittany Kozerski Freeney, owner and designer of Jade Swim, specialty fabrics will be a standout trend this summer. “Our sheen fabric has been incredibly popular this spring and we have new colors available this summer,” she tells TZR. “Customers love it because it’s a subtle update to our normal matte fabric that adds a luxe and unique touch to our minimal styles.”

Summer 2021 Swimsuit Trend: Asymmetrical

Monti Landers, founder of Riot Swim, describes the must-have silhouette for summer 2021 in one word: asymmetrical. “They are great for accentuating your curves,” she tells TZR. “What more can you ask for?!” Likewise, Camilla Whitman, OOKIOH’s Creative Head, says the one-shoulder trend specifically will be huge this season. “I think people are buying fewer items and expecting them to be lasting and high quality,” she adds.

Summer 2021 Swimsuit Trend: Bright, Happy Colors

“All neon colors, hot pink, tangerine, lime green, bright teal, the more fluorescent the better,” Gaia says about popular colors for summer 2021. “The way these colors reflect light, they are the brightest thing you see on the beach or in a photo. It's the perfect way to make a strong statement.” Additionally, Theresa Mingus, co-founder and co-designer of LA’MARIETTE, feels people often express their emotions with color, and bright and neon hues symbolize happiness and excitement. “Everyone is looking forward to a fun-filled summer with fewer restrictions now that things are becoming safe again,” she tells TZR.

Summer 2021 Swimsuit Trend: Animal Print

“Everyone loves animal print, it's a timeless staple in everyone’s swim wardrobe, this season prints will be more nature-based,” Gionna Nicole, owner and designer of Avid Swimwear, tells TZR. And Blakely Wickstrom, founder of Galamaar, co-signs the pattern’s emerging popularity adding, “leopard print has [been] such a big [trend over the past] few years, [but] we’ll be seeing a lot more zebra and tiger prints.”

Summer 2021 Swimsuit Trend: Textured Fabric

“We went for more textured fabrics that created interesting prints and 3D effects,” Sayana Durany, co-founder of Gimaguas, tells TZR about the label’s new swimwear line. “We think that textured fabrics are fun to mix with plain colors or prints. We don't think it’s a matter of trend but to play with new materials.”

Summer 2021 Swimsuit Trend: Shades Of Brown

If bright colors don’t align with your personal style, you have another on-trend color to turn to: brown. “If you’re someone who generally gravitates towards a darker hue, I’d opt for a brown suit, rather than your traditional black or navy piece this year,” Wygod explains. “I think [it] gives off a very natural and chic vibe,” she says about the color.

Summer 2021 Swimsuit Trend: Funky Floral

Oleema Miller, Co-Founder & Creative Director of MIKOH, says fresh statement-making florals, and any pattern that will make you smile, will be splashed across swim this year. “We all need a pick me up whenever we can,” she tells TZR. To add to that, Fischer expects florals and bold vintage-inspired prints to dominate as people are nostalgic and looking back to simpler, care-free times in light of the past year's events.

Summer 2021 Swimsuit Trend: High-Cut Thong Bottom

In terms of trends, Lisa Caprio, founder of Heavy Manners, predicts high cut thong bottoms will be one style people turn to. “More people are staying in the privacy of their homes or friends' houses and I feel cuts of swims are getting more skimpy which I love,” she tells TZR. Kozerski Freeney agrees, and says Jade Swim’s customers are currently into styles that reveal more skin. “The Expose Thong was previously a slower seller and is now one of the top styles for JADE’s e-comm, and our retailers who hadn’t previously ordered a style like this are now buying into it in a heavy way,” she tells TZR.