Lunar New Year Gifts That'll Add A Touch Of Festivity To Any Outfit

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To honor and celebrate Chinese New Year, Gucci’s creative Director Alessandro Michele releases dedic...

For the Asian communities residing in the United States, the holidays do not conclude in December. There's one major holiday left to commemorate, which typically falls between January 21 and February 20, and that's Lunar New Year. This year, the holiday is on February 12 and it's the Year of the Ox — the second animal out of 12 in the Chinese zodiac. Celebrations include family gatherings, lion and dragon dances, and Lunar New Year gifts — usually in the form of red envelopes containing cash, though physical gifts are welcomed too. Lunar New Year, while popularly referred to as Chinese New Year in the U.S., is not only observed in China, but also in places such as South Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam. Globally, over 1.5 billion people partake in Lunar New Year festivities.

Given this celebratory scale, many retailers are recognizing the importance, and the commercial opportunities, presented by Lunar New Year. Much like Christmas, the holiday has become a shopping bonanza for people to buy and give gifts, whether it's in the form of red clothing and accessories (in Chinese culture, the color symbolizes good fortune and joy) or a red money-filled envelope. For those seeking to give a physical gift, always make sure your item is aligned with that person's cultural beliefs — shoes might be considered an inappropriate gift as superstition states it will bring bad luck to the recipient. When in doubt, go with a fruit basket or a nice bottle of alcohol. You can, however, always still shop for Lunar New Year-themed items for yourself. Perhaps a new ox motif handbag (from Coach) is on your favorites list or maybe it's the Gucci x Doraemon collaboration that evokes your childhood pastimes. Shop these holiday-themed items, plus more Lunar New Year-adjacent red merchandise like a celebratory Miu Miu dress, ahead.

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