10 Home Decor Pieces To Help You Celebrate The Year Of The Ox

The Lunar New Year is almost here.

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The Lunar New Year 2021 falls on Feb. 12, kicking off a holiday that's observed by more than 1.5 billion people around the world. While sometimes referred to as the Chinese New Year, it's actually celebrated by many Asian countries in addition to China, including South Korea and Vietnam. Its beginning marks the the first new moon of the lunar calendar, and starts a multi-day celebration that involves many traditions, such as dragon dances and family gatherings, as well as Lunar New Year decor.

Though many celebrations will look different this year due to COVID-19 and its widespread restrictions, there are still plenty of opportunities to take part in the holiday traditions. Even if you're just hosting a get-together over Zoom, you can still have a feast and engage in some of the common activities and decorations at home.

To prepare, you can start by sweeping the floor before the holiday starts, which is said to rid your home of bad luck. Then, consider some decor. Red lanterns will symbolize light and hope for the coming year; decor with dragons signals strength and good luck; and door couplets express good wishes for the New Year.

Of course, 2021 is the Year of the Ox, so you can also include figurines and motifs of the second animal of the Chinese zodiac in your decor. Each of the 12 animals is associated with certain personality traits, and it's believed that each New Year has the characteristics of its respective animal. In the Year of the Ox, some of those traits are diligent, reliable, kind, and practical.

You can also honor the ox by performing those qualities yourself. But why not do both? Start preparing for the upcoming Lunar New Year celebration with decor featuring the animal to imbue its energy into your home. Some picks you can shop now, ahead.

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