Meet The 9 Handbag Trends That’ll Reign Supreme In 2022

Hint: party bags are back.

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Be honest: How many times have you actually worn that floral embroidered cardigan you bought last year? Or perhaps those sleek snakeskin pants in 2019? Oftentimes, you’re not going to opt for the same article of clothing seven days a week. Handbags, on the other hand, are meant to be used daily — because, yes, you’ve experienced the struggle of constantly shuffling all your personal belongings from purse to purse. Therefore, you want to invest in a piece that’s stylish, but more importantly, practical. Fortunately, the 2022 handbag trends fit an array of lifestyles and fashion preferences, according to the designers behind the industry’s up-and-coming brands.

For starters, Merve Manastir, co-founder and co-creative director of Istanbul-based handbag and shoe brand Manu Atelier, says the number one trend for 2022 is bold bags in vibrant and fun colors. “After nearly two years of these stressful times, it’s time to inject some brightness into people's lives,” she tells TZR. Whether you’re eager to implement a neon green or subtle pastel pink into your repertoire, there’s no shortage of joyful hues to choose from.

On top of cheerful shades, Valerie Blaise, designer and founder of Vavvoune — a Brooklyn-based handbag and shoe brand known for its one-of-a-kind silhouettes — says one of the biggest bag trends for next year will be unique shapes. “That’s pretty much a forever trend because people love new shapes and silhouettes on anything,” the expert tells TZR. It turns out, the industry got a sneak peek of this emerging concept in 2021 — think A.W.A.K.E. MODE’s coveted pretzel bag and Coperni’s adorable heart-shaped style.

What other rising styles can you expect to see? Ahead, designers share their predictions on the top bags trends for 2022.

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Woven Basket Purses

Jasmin Larian Hekmat, founder and creative director of Los Angeles brand Cult Gaia, says woven basket purses will be a sought-after style in the coming year. “[They] are an elevated, nature-inspired, architectural take on the typical straw bags you see every spring and summer,” she tells TZR. “Our artful iteration of this trend is the Aviva Bag, which features a basket-like silhouette made from woven rattan which offers a natural, earthful feel and an off-white interior pouch which can be used separately as a clutch for a more refined look,” Larian Hekmat adds.

The Bigger, The Better

New York-based handbag designer Brandon Blackwood believes bags are becoming bigger again. “The mini bag trend is still going strong, but now that people are slowly transitioning back into their normal lives post-covid, I’ve seen my customer ask for bags with more space,” the founder of emerging brand Brandon Blackwood tells TZR. “Traveling, going back to work, and being out for longer amounts of time require slightly larger pieces.”

It turns out, Peju Obasa, the founder of her London-based brand Peju Obasa agrees that oversized bags are poised to be the It style next year. The designer believes that the micro trend is fading, which means brands are moving onto macro bags as a bigger focus in the year ahead. “We’re seeing all things chunky,” Obasa tells TZR.

Extra Long Straps

Here’s a practical trend you’ll see in 2022: Extra-long straps on handbags. “Short bag straps will keep working, but long, boho crossbody bags will take an important place,” Gabriela Comella, founder of Gabriel For Sach tells TZR. For this particular trend, you can choose a style that features a buckle that allows for adjustments, such as the label’s Flat Pink Bag, or one that has long clip-on straps, like Jaquemus’ beloved Le Chiquito Bag.

Silver Hardware

“I'm a bit biased on this one, but I think silver hardware is the go-to,” Stephanie Sonya Ibbitson, owner and designer of Vancouver-based minimalist label Sonya Lee, tells TZR. “It's a bit more subdued, which reminds me of the simplicity we desired after the 2008 recession with brands like Celine.” This trend is ideal for those who prefer more streamlined styles, but with a touch of flair.

Unexpected Textures

Blackwood anticipates unusual textures on handbags to be a theme in 2022. “My collections have included puffer materials, shearlings, mirror leathers, wools, and beads,” the designer says. “Come spring, I will be working with shells, knits, and mesh materials.” Blackwood adds, “People are much more experimental with their handbags [these days] and want them to have [some] character on their own.”

Sade Mims, founder of New York-based accessories label Edas, agrees with the emerging texture trend and adds, “when I think about texture, I see more prints, more embossed bags, and more quilted styles having a huge moment,” she tells TZR. “We want to make a soft statement and texture does just that.”

Ethically Sourced Materials

Lara Jean Elias, Creative Studio Manager at trendy London-based label Home of Hai, says prioritizing ethically sourced materials will continue to grow in importance for shoppers. “Customers want to know that their bags have been made in a responsible way and, as a brand, this is something we will continuously be working on,” she tells TZR. According to the expert, some materials include ethically sourced lace and suede, both of which Home Of Hai is interested in working with.

Mireia Llusia-Lindh, founder of luxury handbag and clothing brand DeMellier London, says there’s currently an increased demand for natural materials that are good for the planet, which she hopes is a trend that’s here to stay. “We have just introduced a new knitwear collection made with sustainable cashmere and we will have touches of raffia and natural straw in our bag collection for the summer,” she tells TZR.

Party Bags

According to Larian Hekmat, the party bag trend will be just as big in 2022. “Joyful, statement-making bags will continue to be huge in 2022 — think feathers, sequins, embellishments, and rhinestones,” she says.

Moya Annece, co-founder and creative director of New York-based minimalist handbag label Ashya, is also noticing an uptick in these exciting bags. “With the resurgence of large social gatherings and parties, we anticipate small and playful accessories will make a strong comeback as a trend for the new year,” she tells TZR.

Ultimate Organization

“The busier we become, the more important organization becomes, too, so handbags constructed with this in mind are proving to be quite popular,” says Tina Lutz, founder of Lutz Morris. For instance, the founder says the brand’s Maya bag is made with an exterior pocket that can fit a cell phone, plus seven card slots for stowing credit cards, cash, and subway tickets. “Always best to be prepared, with an elevated and elegant handbag, no less.”

On the same note, Annece says with many restrictions changing, travel bags will be big in the new year. “As our environment begins to re-open gradually, more people are traveling and exploring again and are looking for seamless functional designs, whether big or small,” she tells TZR. For those who love a hands-free style, look to the label’s Anjuna Utility Belt Bag, which features five(!) pockets.

Unusual Color

Next year, Mims believes folks are looking to play with colors that are slightly unusual. “So not your standard tan bag, but maybe something more taupe instead will replace it,” she notes. Plus, Yvonne Koné, founder of her namesake luxury Italian-made leather goods label, says, “I see people wanting to add a little color to their everyday life, no matter if it is on the way to work, or if you are working remotely and feel like spicing up the daily grocery shopping tour.”