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These Comfortable Heels Make My Outfits Look Ten Times More Polished

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Comfortable heels
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I am a self-professed style chameleon. One day you’ll find me wearing a pair of baggy jeans and an attention-grabbing vintage jacket; the next, I’m opting for a streamlined, knit midi dress of the minimalist variety. However, a constant in my ever-evolving wardrobe is heels. Pumps, slingbacks, strappy stilettos — I love them all. A good heel, in my opinion, has the power to transform a look. For example: I could be wearing sweats and a blazer, but throw on a beautiful pair of pumps and suddenly I’m playing in a different league. That little bit of height does wonders for pulling together an outfit — and lifting my confidence.

Now if you’ve been paying attention to the fashion set, you’ll know heels aren’t exactly on the short list of top trends these days. Loafers, ballet slippers, and sneakers have all stepped into the spotlight; these practical choices are worth incorporating into your everyday rotation as well. But while a menswear-inspired flat is nice and all, it simply doesn’t provide the same wow factor as a three-inch stunner will. Sure, heels may not always seem like the most functional choice for everyday, but wearing them is actually a strategic decision to make my outfits feel more polished.

Since I have a long-standing penchant for heels, I’ve done my due diligence and can confirm there are in fact looks that will satisfy both style and comfort needs (I promise!). You may not be walking five miles in them like you would a pair of sneakers, but five blocks? No problem! My favorite head-turning option will keep you comfortably on your feet all day. Ahead, shop my pretty picks that (literally and figuratively) elevate everything in my closet.