Shoes With “Weird” Heels Are Trending — And We Love Them

Shop TZR’s favorite styles, ahead.

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Sculptural heels are trending for spring 2023 and they’re more wearable than you think. Ahead, find several surrealist footwear options you can easily work into your outfits.

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Marshall Columbia
Green Yume Yume Edition Love Heels
If your style skews playful and fun, slip on this puffy sandal with a heart-shaped heel. The motif is also perfect for any date-night outfit, especially on Feb. 14.
Make a fashion statement when you walk into any room with this pair of denim mules.
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Chris Donovan
Alpha Boots in Alabaster
Your traditional white stiletto bootie gets a unique upgrade with this sculptural heel.
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Loewe leads the way with surrealist footwear by incorporating cracked eggs and bar soap designs into its heels. However, TZR is partial to the rose design that’s equal parts sweet and romantic. There’s an ankle boot version, too.
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If you teeter on stiletto heels, ditch that style for this spiral option with a circular platform that feels more grounding.
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Jennifer Le
Jax Red Heel
Ease into wearing “weird” shoes with this red bootie, which features a silver circle as the heel. The minimalist design is approachable yet still eye-catching.
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After booking your tropical getaway, pack these resort-ready gold sandals into your carry-on.
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Morso Boots
This GCDS shoe merges two 2023 footwear trends into one: over-the-knee boots and unexpected heels.
Green Heel
For weddings with a black-tie dress code, add a pop of color into your outfit with this lime-green sandal.
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Taupe Heels
Minimalist dressers can easily tap into the sculptural shoe trend with this pair of logo-heel slingbacks. They’re a more subtle option compared to other styles on the market.
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You can wear this versatile, leather boot underneath knit midi dresses for winter, then style it with a mini dress come spring.
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