TikTok Is Obsessed With Brown Mascara (And Our Fave Is Just $6)

Add it to your arsenal, ASAP.

Lash It Loud Mascara stick of Elf Cosmetics

For most, a pitch black mascara is the holy grail piece in their makeup routine. It’s the quintessential finishing touch, the one which no look is complete without. And also often the one product they’ll wear (besides sunscreen, of course) on the days they need to run out the door in 3, 2, 1. Plus, it’s widely available in most beauty supply and drugstores. But TikTok has been making the case for a switch-up to brown mascara, and let me tell you: They have a point.

Brown mascara is on the rise as more people are trying to achieve that clean, “no-makeup” makeup look, and it’s easier than ever to get with the lighter-hued product.

The brown mascara hashtag has garnered over 6.3M views on TikTok, where users have expressed their love for the new beauty must-have. British beauty journalist Laura Capon posted a video showing the differences between black and brown mascara side-by-side: The brown mascara is way less harsh compared to its black counterpart. Plus, it complements blue and green eyes really well.

Looking to add this new essential to your beauty collection? Fortunately, one of the best clocks in at less than $10.

Try This $6 Brown Mascara Steal

​​As someone with very sparse and light eyelashes, I was a bit hesitant to try the brown mascara trend. My main concern was that the product wouldn’t provide the same darkening and volumizing effects as the black mascara I normally use. However, after reading some reviews and hearing praise by those in the beauty space, I knew I had to give e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Lash It Loud Mascara a try.

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This vegan brown mascara coats lashes with a volumizing formula that boasts a rich, earthy pigment. It includes a soft silicone brush with both vertical and horizontal bristles, designed to evenly apply product to every lash from root to tip without clumping.

Using small strokes, I was able to coat the entirety of my lashes down to the root using the wand. The overall result was natural and soft looking. I can’t say it made my eyes pop more than my black mascara — but it provided a different type of contrast that was soft and pretty. I’d recommend it for those more casual, “you-but-better” makeup looks.

The best part? The brand is budget-friendly with the mascara toting just a $6 price tag, so you can easily hop on this TikTok-approved beauty trend for a price comparable to your morning latte (and have coffee-colored mascara to match!).

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