This TikTok Hack Helps Match Your Blush To Your Lip Color Every Time


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Another day, another TikTok makeup hack. Just when you thought the app couldn’t get any more inventive with ways to elevate your makeup, another creator comes up with a new genius tip to take your glam from makeup enthusiast to celebrity MUA status. Not too long ago everyone was trying sunburnt blush thanks to TikTok, now a new blush hack has emerged. Creator Victoria Lyn recently shared how to match your blush to your lipstick every time and it’s seriously about to change your makeup game.

In her video that has now amassed 180,300 likes on TikTok and 53,802 likes on Instagram, the creator details the all-too-familiar dilemma of not knowing which blush to use to complement your lipstick, “should it be coral, should it be pink, should it be nude?” she muses in the video. Then, she goes into the process of the trick itself. After applying lipstick (a vibrant red hue) she dabs a bit of the lip color on the back of her hand (you can also use a mixing pallet) and mixes it with a smidge of the foundation she has on, and it creates the perfect complimenting blush shade. She also shares in the caption that this is also just a fun way to create an endless amount of customized cream blushes.

While many are running to try this hack (which certainly seems fool-proof), TZR tapped expert makeup artist Mark de los Reyes to debunk whether this would really work every time.

This hack actually isn’t as new as it seems — de los Reyes explains that it’s pretty common among makeup artists. “I think it’s very effective, definitely a hack that gets the job done if you’re in a pinch or looking for multifunctional tricks with your makeup,” he tells TZR.

You’re probably wondering if putting lipstick anywhere except your lips is a good idea, to which de los Reyes explains that doing this “should be perfectly safe for most people. You should definitely try a swatch first if you have sensitive skin get to know ingredients that you may have some sensitivity to.”

The cool thing about this hack is that it also works in reverse. If you don’t want to mix your foundation and liquid lipstick and put it on your cheek, de los Reyes recommends using a powder blush on your lips and setting it with clear lip gloss — a super pigmented liquid blush could work just as well.

While it’s not essential to match your blush to your lip color (sometimes a little mismatch can create a unique look) it certainly helps in achieving a more cohesive makeup look and appears a bit more elevated. If you do try this hack, “experiment with different types of brushes to get different ways to blend. Use fluffy brushes, flat brushes, sponges, or your fingers. Have fun playing with the product and see what technique works best for you,” says de los Reyes.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

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