If You Love '70s Fashion, You'll Want To Try These Trendy Jewelry Pieces From The Decade

Colorful beads included.

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Whether you grew up in the '70s or live vicariously through your parents' stories of the era, looking back it feels like everything was so carefree — the lifestyle, the music, and certainly the fashion. In fact, many of the quirky trends born during the decade have paved the way for fashion today. And believe it or not, many of the '70s jewelry trends still hold a valuable spot in jewelry collections by designers alike.

"The whole approach in the '70s embodied effortlessness," Libby Page, Senior Fashion Market Editor at Net-A-Porter, tells TZR. "From chains and lockets to oversized hoop earrings, it was all about feel-good jewelry." Today, shoppers are returning to a more playful, individualized sensibility when it comes to adding to their own collections, trying out colorful stones, chunky chains, and even crystals with mystic qualities protecting the health and mental clarity.

Thea Miller, founder of DRU Jewelry, a label that builds on the trends of the '70s to create colorful, symbolic jewelry with an updated aesthetic, adds that women today are drawn to the era because it was a similar cultural moment. "Art and fashion are a reflection of society," she says. "Of course, we look to the '70s for inspiration. That decade represents freedom and revolution and that’s where we are now as a society."

Ahead, find 10 jewelry trends that originated in the '70s that are still relevant today, from brands like Mejuri, Bottega Veneta, and more.

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Chunky Rings

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With the help of TikTok, ‘70s-inspired chunky rings have been making an impressive comeback. Fortunately, when it comes to this specific jewelry trend, you have lots of options to choose from. For those who want to channel the decade, go for a sleek gold or stone style. And for a more modern take, snag a chunky ring in a bold color or funky shape.


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Take a gander at photos of the celebrity set back in the ‘70s and you’re bound to see plenty of pendant necklaces. It turns out, the necklace style is just as popular today as it was back during the decade. From cute heart shapes to more simple circular iteration, there’s a pendant out there for every jewelry taste.


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"In terms of hoops, not only are they a symbol of the '70s, women love them because there is a hoop to match every woman's style, so women don't have to choose just one way to be defined," Miller says. For an especially modern twist, try a thick huggie style.


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All hail the chunky choker necklace. While you might associate it with the '90s jewelry trends, the choker was among the beloved necklaces back in the '70s. During the decade, the necklace was shown in chunky styles that hung off the neck, as well as skinnier iterations like a suede string tied in a bow.

Large Scultupural Studs

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The larger-than-life, sculptural studs (and clip-on) that were all the craze in the '70s are offered up in fresh interpretations today. Try out a funky shape with David Yurman’s Supernova 18-Karat Gold Diamond Earrings. Or if you're looking to add just a smidge of color to your look, Wolf & Badger’s Grey Baroque Pearl Stud Earrings will do the trick.

Natural Materials

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"People are moving towards authenticity and rawness," Miller notes of the return of rougher cuts and natural stones. "Lapis, malachite, and turquoise all have these attributes." The jewelry designer uses these stones because she loves that each one is different, with changing color, texture, and feeling. "In addition, I think these stones are grounding, and we are all desperately looking for the feeling right now," she says.

Gold Chains

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As Page notes, gold chains from the '70s have been modernized thanks to cool labels like Jennifer Fisher and Loren Stewart. Try out the sleek The Ojo Necklace from Oma The Label, or go for something chunky with the A.P.C.’s Gold Suzanne Chain Necklace. Mixing gold and silver jewelry together is another fun option, too.


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Beads are the perfect way to incorporate color into your jewelry collection. Give a '70-inspired multi-color necklace a whirl with Serendipitous Project’s Coral Reef Necklace or Brinker & Eliza's Fleur Bracelet. On the other hand, if you like your jewelry more minimal, opt for Walters Faith's Saxon Rose Quartz Bead Necklace.


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Crystals instantly add a bit of nighttime elegance to your look. According to Page, they're a prime example of a noteworthy jewelry trend that's come full circle. Start slowly with a subtle crystal earring before making your way to an over-the-top sparkly necklace.


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Attention minimalists out there: If you aren't wearing '70s-inspired bangles, you'll probably want to start. Sure, they can be a tad noisy if you go for a full-arm party, but if you pile on simple gold bangles with a sleek watch, the result is ever so chic.

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