Victoria Beckham’s Latest Manicure Is A Fresh Take On Neutrals

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nails have a way of mirroring the latest and greatest fashion crazes. Kendall Jenner's cow-print nails, for example, prove the Western influence is as prevalent as ever today, while Gigi Hadid's tie-dye manicure (which she rocked during her 24th birthday celebration) offers an understated way to sport 2019's funkiest pattern trend. If those bold designs are a bit outside of your wheelhouse, don't fret just yet. Instead, draw your attention to Victoria Beckham's pink nail polish — the key to achieving this season's prettiest, most versatile manicure of all.

It's rare to spot Beckham without perfectly polished nails. And on Tues., she shared a behind-the-scenes look at how she — or rather, her go-to manicurist, Tom Bachik — achieves a flawless mani. Per Beckham's Instagram Story, Bachik starts by filing down the nails into a clean shape, keeping them short and strong, while also focusing meticulously on her cuticles (an important step in creating a perfect-looking manicure).

After Bachik outlined the essential prep steps, Beckham chimed in to talk about polish color. The designer's signature has always been a soft neutral, with a ruby-red lacquer thrown into the mix every now and then. But on Tues., she picked something right in between.


"So we've gone for a pale-pink color, which feels like a fresher take on a neutral," she shared, adding, "It goes with everything." Beckham's pink polish is just as versatile as a beige, though it's slightly more feminine and fun. What's more, it's right in line with the pastel color trend that's been gaining momentum this spring.

If you keep close tabs on Beckham's manicures, you'll know she (and Bachik) frequently turn to clean nail polish brand, Bio Seaweed Gel, for top-quality lacquer that delivers intense color while also working to strengthen nails.

To achieve Beckham's pale-pink nails, you'll want to reach for the line's all-in-one gel polish in the shade Bon Bon — a baby-pink cream color that pairs well with everything in your warm-weather wardrobe.

Scoop up the designer's exact lacquer, as well as The Zoe Report's favorite baby-pink shades, below.

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