These Are The Beauty Products Victoria Beckham *Always* Travels With

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's been a jam-packed past month for Victoria Beckham, who's been bopping around from New York to London to Milan for all the latest Fashion Week festivities. If the designer is tired, it doesn't show. Victoria Beckham revealed her travel beauty routine on Instagram and some of the things in her carry-on are surprisingly affordable.

Travel is exhausting even if you do it for a living like Beckham. After years of touring with the Spice Girls and now taking her namesake fashion label on the road, this expert jetsetter has a few tricks up her sleeve for battling tired eyes, dehydrated skin, and other beauty woes that always seem to crop up right after a flight.

Beckham — who has her own beauty line launching in late 2019 — took to Instagram on Thurs. to share her on-the-go routine, and you'll be glad to know that not everything is as high-end as you might expect. The designer's cosmetic bag contains a good balance of celebrity-favorite skin products and others you can find at Walmart (no, really!).

In Beckham's Instagram story, she starts by emptying out a tangerine-colored Hermès pouch, pointing out how convenient it is to keep all your liquids in one tidy place to separate them easily in the security line.

Tiny travel-sized bottles spilled out amid a few hair elastics. The designer went through her essentials one-by-one, first calling her destressing liquid facial by Sarah Chapman a "must-have," then revealing a spray bottle of the magical cult-classic P50 by Biologique Recherche, which she said is good to "give your face a cleanse" when you get off the plane.

When she fancies a mask, she said she goes for a deep hydration treatment by Dr. Barbara Sturm. And lastly, "some jazzy hairbands," of course.


She ended the PSA with a picture of all the products squeezed into a plastic bag, proudly pronouncing that they all fit.

"Must keep skin hydrated on the flight!" she said. So, to keep your post-travel complexion looking as fresh as Beckham's, stock up on her go-to products, ahead.

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