Victoria Beckham Just Casually Debuted New Highlights On Instagram In The Chicest Way

Posh, posher, poshest.

Victoria Beckham bun updo

Victoria Beckham’s only been on TikTok for a few weeks, but it looks like she’s already been influenced by some of the app’s most major trends. She’s using the slang, showing off makeup watches like Influencer Spice and sharing sweet videos and memes of her famous family. But Beckham also seems to have taken to TikTok-favorite beauty trends, too. Her curtain bangs and chic topknots are one thing, but Victoria Beckham’s new subtle highlights are in a class of their own. A light ribbon of caramel-blonde runs down her face frame and illuminates the light brown waves she’s made her signature in recent years. Though the change is relatively minor in theory, it casts a warm glow on Posh and adds a beachy, ultra-trendy feel to her classic polished aesthetic.

Beckham unveiled her fresh few highlights in her signature nonchalant manner. When she posted a collage of photos showing off some of the latest looks in the Victoria Beckham clothing collection, fans immediately noticed the sunny blonde streaks suddenly visible in her shoulder-length lob. While Posh Spice’s warm brunette hair definitely already had dimension thanks to a variety of tones and color blend already, these new, brighter highlights are outright bold by her standards.

A large part of why Beckham may have wanted a fresh set of highlights is the way she most often wears her hair. Observant fans will note that Posh is a diehard fan of prim Tinkerbell buns, usually with wings of curtain bangs falling around her face. By concentrating the highlights on swaths of hair she likes to show off and accentuate with anyway, it’s a double-whammy of strategy and style. If this is Victoria Beckham after just a few weeks of the clock app, just wait to see what she pulls out for fall.