Victoria Beckham’s Body Care Go-To Is This $18 DIY Mix

Like a cold glass of water for parched skin.

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She may be immortalized as Posh Spice for all eternity but Victoria Beckham loves a good deal, too. While you might think her gleaming legs and perfectly moisturized skin are the work of some prohibitively expensive cream or treatment, Beckham revealed in an interview that her true “body secret” is just under $20 and available at virtually every drugstore. As detailed on Into The Gloss, Victoria Beckham’s body care trick is actually a dollop of cult-classic Weleda Skin Food mixed with coconut oil — and in fact, its affordable price tag and accessibility is why she likes it.

“What I love about it is that it’s not particularly expensive and you can find it anywhere,” she explained to the blog, raving about Skin Food’s thick, buttery formula. When Beckham has a tan, she mixes the moisturizer with some coconut oil (“the same you use to cook with,” she clarifies), and coats her body head-to-toe in the homemade mixture. Coconut oil, an occlusive, helps make sure the Skin Food actually sinks into the skin. Though she acknowledges the heavy concoction might be too greasy for some, she personally finds it helps her hold on to color longer.

She’s not wrong, either: added moisture has long been considered the key to hanging on to a tan, both real and faux. Ample hydration before and after tanning will combat sun-induced dryness, and help fake tan formulas cling to your skin and apply more evenly.

So hydrating is her DIY mixture, in fact, that Posh describes feeling like her skin’s had a huge glass of water by the time the moisturizer sinks in. Despite loving the ultra-creamy consistency, though, Beckham does say she applies it well before going out to ensure the blend has enough time to absorb. “By the time I leave the house, I feel as if it’s really sunk in,” she said. “I go through so many of these…I wish they had bigger ones.”

For those looking to follow Beckham’s well-hydrated lead, coconut oil can be added to most body lotions — just be sure to avoid the neck and up, as the oil’s occlusive nature (the same one that locks in moisture) can clog pores and spur on breakouts in some people. Otherwise, slather on and enjoy the dolphin-like texture that follows. As an added bonus, you’ll smell like the very essence of summer.

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