5 DIY Coconut Oil Treatments To Try This Winter

Oh, the beauty woes that come along with cold winter months: dry skin, chapped lips, brittle hair and nails. To combat such unattractive effects of bone-chilling temperatures, we swear by one simple (and inexpensive) ingredient: coconut oil. The multipurpose moisturizer can be used as a makeup remover, blended into an exfoliating scrub or applied alone on problem skin (and that’s just a few options). Here, 5 ways to try the ultra-nourishing oil this season.


5 Coconut Oil DIYs


If other removers feel harsh or irritating in the winter, try massaging a teaspoon of coconut oil onto your face, then gently wipe clean with a washcloth and warm water.


For rough, calloused hands and feet, use coconut oil as a skin-quenching overnight treatment. Apply liberally before bed, and cover with spa gloves and socks to lock in moisture (and to avoid getting it on your sheets). Pro tip: Heat gloves and socks in the dryer for several minutes beforehand for a warm, soothing effect.


Create a hydrating hair mask by blending half a banana with a tablespoon of coconut oil in a food processor. Apply to your locks, cover with a shower cap and allow it to penetrate for 20 minutes. Wash with a clarifying shampoo to remove.

Courtesy of NARS

Mix one-quarter cup of coconut oil with one-quarter cup of sugar and a hint of lemon zest for an exfoliating body polish that leaves your skin smooth and hydrated.


Start with equal parts coconut oil and beeswax, and heat each in the microwave until liquid. Mix together in a small bowl and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Pour into a tin of your choice, and wait until the mixture hardens before applying. Pro tip: Keep the balm at room temperature to prevent melting.