The Best (Unexpected) Ways To Use Coconut Oil

As one might predict, we—along with the rest of the beauty-obsessed community—could sing the praises of coconut oil endlessly. By now, you’ve likely heard of the multi-tasking formula being used as a daily moisturizer (in place of your body lotion), in your hair as a quick masque and perhaps for oil-pulling’s alleged teeth-whitening effects. But the miracle formula’s abilities don’t stop at that—there are a myriad of other resourceful ways to use the yummy-smelling stuff. Employ these 6 simple techniques to further put the all-in-one wonder to use.

Crazy For Coconut Oil

Photo: @skinnycoconutoil

To Make Natural Deodorant

As we're continually challenging ourselves to try out a more natural beauty routine, concocting a DIY deodorant is worth a shot. Mix equal parts coconut oil with baking soda (to help eliminate odor), add 2/3 part arrowroot, then finish with a few drops of your favorite essential oils for desired fragrance. Apply to your underarms as needed.

To Remove Eye Makeup

To rid of stubborn mascara, rub a bit of coconut oil over closed lids and gently wipe clean with a cotton round. This technique is celeb-approved—Brittany Snow swears by it.

In A DIY Body Scrub

Use coconut oil as the base of a sweet-smelling (and invigorating) body scrub.

As Shaving Cream

Simply swap out your standard shaving cream for a helping of oil instead—it does the trick just as well as (if not better than) the former.

To Clean Makeup Brushes

Heat up the oil in the microwave, then dip your brushes into the warm liquid. Dab them on a washcloth or paper towel to clean off the product residue, then rinse with water.

To Nourish Cuticles

Before bed (or when you get out of the shower), use a cuticle pusher to clean up your nail bed, then rub on a bit of coconut oil to nourish the delicate skin.