Tracee Ellis Ross’ Orchid-Purple Lipstick Is So Sweet For Spring

Flower fresh.

Tracee Ellis Ross red lipstick

Even at an event celebrating her best-selling hair care line, Tracee Ellis Ross doesn’t neglect a standout makeup moment — in fact, you might call her penchant for pairing statement hairstyles with bold, bright cosmetics a pattern. Most often, you can find the star in her signature shade of classic blood-red lipstick, but Ross also loves to cycle through assorted colors according to the season she’s in. Through winter, for example, she’s known to gravitate toward rich, dark oxbloods, while summer sees her in crimsons and hot pinks. Now, for spring, Ross’ purple lipstick makes for the best, flower-inspired alternative. The electric shade of orchid she chose feels so firmly in her aesthetic wheelhouse while still shaking things up for the increasingly warm weather.

At the March 19 party, Ross let her lipstick stand out as one of just two pops of color in her neutral-toned skirt and shirt combination. The purple, infused with cool blue rather than warm red or pink, stands in excellent contrast to the yellow pumps on her feet — a near-perfect match to Pattern’s trademark packaging shade. Next to Ross’ glossy, full curls plumped up to maximum volume, the makeup — and her entire look, really — is like a fresh breath of springtime air.

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images
Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Ross is one of the most admired beauty icons in Hollywood, and so much of it comes down to her failsafe method of an incredible natural or protective hairstyle with a pop of fun lipstick. The 1-2 method also allows plenty of room to play and experiment while ensuring that everything she wears has that distinctive, Ross feel. It’s a prime example of the power of personal style and what can happen when you take the time to figure out your signatures.

It sure seems like purple is poised to be one of 2024’s it-colors, a spillover from last year. The color’s been co-signed by other A-listers like Gemma Chan and Taraji P. Henson, and it’s been making regular runway appearances for a while now, too. While this latest endorsement by Ross, expect the trend to really blow up.