Is Taylor Swift Sending A Message With Her New Nails?

Red, burning red.

Taylor Swift posing in front of a window in Paris

Everyone knows that Taylor Swift is the undisputed queen of fall — she’s so synonymous with chilly weather, spice-tinged lattes, upstate leaf-peeping, and aching heartbreak (the official fall pastime), that her most dedicated fans even denote their loyalty with red scarf emojis next to their social media display names. But as committed as Swift is to continuing her reign over all things autumnal, her most recent photos tell a different story. Over the weekend, several pictures of the “Willow” singer taking selfies with patrons of a Dublin pub popped up across social media, with Taylor Swift’s glittery red nails making an appearance. While red nails are so versatile they’re basically considered a holiday shade of — candy cane-red with a glittery topper almost always spells out “holiday party.” Considering Swift was raised on an actual Christmas tree farm, her breezing straight through fall into winter definitely tracks.

The three-time Album of the Year winner was reportedly in Ireland to celebrate filming concluding on her boyfriend Joe Alwyn’s upcoming series, Conversations With Friends, based on the Sally Rooney novel of the same name. Always on theme, fans immediately identified her dress Swift-favorite brand Reformation in its “Shamrock” print. But her crimson nails were what really drew eyes:

Long, oval-shaped, and glossy, the nails are almost certainly some sort of extension, tip, or acrylic with a dip powder color considering the nails have an identical red underside, too. What’s extra interesting about these nails, however, is how different they are from Swift’s usual style over the past 13 years of her career. To accommodate her guitar playing, her nails are almost always extremely and notably short — anything peeking over the fingertips makes pressing down strings and playing chords seemingly difficult.

Please note her typical nail length here.

It could be true that Swift just wanted something a little extra special for her boyfriend’s big night but she’s never gone to these lengths (pun very intended before). Or it could be that she’s working on a project of her own — maybe something to do with the upcoming release of Red (Taylor’s Version). The color definitely tracks, and Swift is famously all about the easter egg clues. Or hey, maybe she just wanted to match her red lipstick.

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