How Did Sydney Sweeney Cram Five Different Hairstyles Into Just Three Days?

Magic, that’s how.

Sydney Sweeney layered haircut

Is Sydney Sweeney kind of having...the best week ever? It’s been a whirlwind for sure, that much is undeniable. Just days after news that her romcom Anyone But You crossed the $200 million box office threshold to become the highest-earning romcom in five years, the always-industrious Sweeney got right back to work with a whirlwind of a week in New York City, promoting her slate of new projects. Naturally, every stop had to feature a fresh hairstyle to suit the assorted venues. They’re all excellent, but Sweeney’s braided bun at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Feb. 27 is so intricate, it deserves a special shoutout all its own.

The looped, low bun is secured just above the nape of Sweeney’s bare neck, shown off better thanks to her plunging Balmain dress. The impressive detail of the updo, though, is brilliantly tempered by the loose, romantic bangs and wisps of face-framing hair left out. Created by celebrity hairstylist Glen Oropeza, it’s neither too structured and prim nor too relaxed and casual. Paired with her Melissa Hernandez-applied burgundy lipstick and inky, gently winged eyeliner framed by curled lashes, she’s a modern incarnation of an Old Hollywood bombshell. Sweeney’s always up to experiment, but this specific aesthetic has always suited her particularly well.

But you don’t become a box office titan without the ability to pivot on a dime — Sweeney’s late-night look was just one of several stunning styles worn throughout the week. On Feb. 26, she was spotted in the streets with what could be the bounciest blowout ever. Then, before the Tonight Show taping, the star was seen with her long, butter-yellow hair in brushed-out curls as she traipsed through midtown in the chicest take on the Canadian tuxedo. Once she’d wrapped things up with Fallon, she loosened her updo for a messier take on the bun and added a pair of leather hot pants that would have done a wild number of notes on 2013 Tumblr.

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If you’re exhausted just reading about those quick-change looks, brace yourself — there’s still one more to go. The next day, on Feb. 28, Sweeney was up bright and early with a long, sleek half-ponytail complete with a distinct center part. The partially pulled-back style shows off the dimension and root shadow in her enviable, elbow-length hair.

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You really have to hand it to the Madame Web star — she grids, and that goes as much for interviews, appearances, tapings, and on-set work as it for does serving up aesthetic inspiration. Sweeney, I salute you.