Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone’s Dedication To Sun Care Is Solid Gold

She track star shares all.

@sydneymclaughlin16 / Neutrogena
Sydney McLaughlin-Lavrone

There’s no hyperbole in describing track star Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone as one of the greatest of all time — she quantifiably is. Not only is the sprinter-hurdler an Olympic champion, but she holds an additional four world records — all in the span of 13 months, mind you — and was actually the youngest person since 1980 to qualify for a spot on Team U.S.A. As she gears up for the highly anticipated 2024 Games in Paris, McLaughlin-Levrone flexes another seriously admirable skill: her incomparable ability to multitask. In between training sessions and intensive practices, the star athlete manages to juggle family life, photoshoots, promotional appearances, and brand partnerships, including one with Neutrogena. It’s a smart match, too. If anyone knows about the power of self-care and sun protection, it’s a celebrated sportswoman who’s logged countless hours flying between time zones and outside on the track.

When TZR speaks to McLaughlin-Levrone, she’s coming off a jam-packed day. Even with her scheduled stuffed to maximum capacity, though, her warm, upbeat energy underscored a lifetime of sports participation — there’s a certain level of can-do positivity only years of athletics can yield. In a brief but fun conversation, McLaughlin-Levrone shares her plan for staying safe in the sun, her daily skin care routine, and how she likes to relax and unwind on one of those rare days off.

McLaughlin-Levrone at the World Athletics Championships in 2022.Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The hurdler explains that on days when she’s actively competing and therefore practicing, she can be in the sun for up to three hours in a single stretch, which means a robust SPF is absolutely critical — and that goes for face- and body-specific products. Right now, she says she’s especially into the new Neutrogena Sport Active Defense Sunscreen for below the neck, calling the spray-on formula her “number one go-to for outdoor activities.” She mentions it’s water- and perspiration-resistant for up to 80 minutes, critical for sweat-soaked sprints. “I think that's something over the past couple of years, I've become very keen about,” she adds. “I wasn't always the best when it came to sun protection, but that's something now I've definitely taken more seriously.”


Anyone committed to daily SPF (as per dermatologist recommendations) knows the second most important part of sun care is properly taking it all off. McLaughlin-Levrone mentions she’s a fan of the brand’s Hydro Boost Cleanser to remove dirt and oil, particularly a fan of its hydrating, plumping properties and how soft it makes her skin feel after a thorough washing.

But what about days when she’s not conditioning and training? It might seem like the star is always on the go, but that just makes her appreciate the downtime even more. “Honestly, I love just a great full self-care day, whether that’s hair, nails, a spa day, kind of resetting.” With McLaughlin-Levrone’s physically demanding job, hitting the reset button from time to time is essential. “Especially because of what I do, I'm out and I'm sweating, I get dirty, I'm touching things and it's always nice to kind of refresh.”

With a track record like hers (pun intended), it’s more than deserved.