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The 33 Best Sunscreen Products Of 2023

Head-to-toe protection.

by TZR Beauty Team
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TZR Beauty Heroes are vetted products out of the dozens that land across our editors’ desks throughout the year. This month, TZR’s beauty team shares their favorite sunscreen products.

The sheer number of sunscreens on the physical and virtual shelves of beauty retailers is a catch-22. Whether you prefer chemical or physical SPF filters, there are now countless options catering to a range of skin tones and skin concerns, so everyone can find a formula that offers protection without the risk of breakouts, irritation, or worse, a dreaded white cast. The caveat is this level of variety is overwhelming and downright confusing — especially when you factor in all of the misinformation about the safety of sunscreens swirling around on social media, specifically in regards to chemical filters, such as oxybenzone and octinoxate, which has been banned in Hawaii and Key West for potentially causing environmental harm.

The bottom line is that wearing sunscreen every day is vital for preventing skin cancer and visible signs of aging. But with more customized formulas out there than topping options at Sweetgreen, how does one know where to start when shopping for their daily SPF? And will you really need to go through a ton of trial and error before landing on “the one”?

Aside from dermatologists, no one is more passionate about sunscreen than beauty editors. Sure, luxurious moisturizers and super-charged serums with clinically-backed formulas will instantly get slathered on our faces, but no product gets us going like an elegant SPF that shields against UV damage, hydrates skin, and doesn’t pill under our makeup.

Out of all of the sunscreens TZR’s beauty team have tested this year, the following SPF products have become mainstays in our routines. Ahead, find the best face, body, and lip sunscreens, hair care products that protect against UV/UVA rays, and convenient buys that make mid-day touch-ups a breeze.

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