Breaking: Sofia Richie Grainge Is Expecting Her First Child

Congrats are in order.

Sofia Richie pregnancy

A lavish European wedding with not one but three bespoke Chanel gowns, a David Yurman campaign, and an upcoming fashion line — to say Sofia Richie Grainge has been having the time of her life lately would be an understatement. And now, it looks like things are about to get even more exciting. On Jan. 25, Richie Grainge shared she’s expecting her first child, a baby girl, with husband Elliot Grainge.

In an exclusive interview with Vogue, Richie Grainge revealed she found out about her pregnancy very early on — around the four week mark, to be exact. “I was on a trip to Milan for fashion week, and I was going to the Prada show,” she told the outlet. “I was doing a really quick 24-hour turnaround, and I felt terrible but didn’t think much of it. I thought it was jet lag.” As it turns out, she says they’ve been casually trying ever since their April wedding. “I was so used to seeing negatives that I knew when something looked even kind of different,” she says, referring to the numerous tests she’s taken this past year.

As part of the announcement, Vogue Magazine and Vogue Weddings shared a joint carousel on Instagram, showing Richie Grainge wearing multiple belly-baring looks. In the first image, Richie Grainge is holding on to her growing bump in an oversized button-down in matching underwear. Then, if you keep clicking, you’ll see the internet sensation donning luxe looks like a rich red coat, a black suit, and a body-hugging floor-length dress. Finally, the last snap shows Richie Grainge posing alongside Grainge. Adorable.

This news comes nine months after Richie Grainge tied the knot in the South of France — and became a bona fide fashion girl in the process. Just days before her wedding, the Hollywood darling made her TikTok debut, captivating followers with approach to “quiet luxury” style. Ever since, she’s been at the forefront of the understated aesthetic.

And while we’ll have to wait a few more months to see pictures of the happy family’s newest addition, it’s likely Richie Grainge is going to give us plenty of style inspiration in the meantime. Because if her recent looks are any indication, her maternity style is going to be good.