If Her Manicure Is Any Indication, Selena Gomez Is Beyond Excited For Barbie

*Prays for a cameo*

Selena Gomez short updo with strong brows

Despite the very high probability that Selena Gomez has met the entire cast and maybe even had access to an early screening, she’s still as psyched for the Barbie movie — and its massive, fuchsia-drenched global rollout — as the general public. In a fitting tribute to the upcoming film, which is rumored to have an eight-city premiere schedule starting the second week of July, Gomez’s Barbie pink nails perfectly suit the ultra-femme vibe of the iconic Mattel figure that started it all. Interestingly, though, Gomez chose a candy-pink color, which has a lot less more purple than the one often thought of as the “signature” doll shade, but it’s no less striking.

Despite spending the past few months in Paris on location for a movie, recording her forthcoming album, and getting some cool new piercings, Gomez has made it clear that she stayed very much plugged in to the happenings back home — and you’d have to be living on Mars to escape the Barbie hype anyway. Gomez seemed to have prioritized the nail salon as one of her first orders of business upon her stateside return (she’s so real for that), with her go-to celebrity manicurist, Tom Bachik, sharing the pink nail polish photos on his Instagram.


Simply captioning the popular post “Barbie-core” along with a handful of corresponding emojis, Bachik let his work speak for itself. The vibrant pastel shade seems to be a near-match for Gomez’s pants in the photo, with each nail filed into neat, squared-off coffin shapes. Gomez routinely toggles between her own shorter, natural nails and longer almond-shaped manicures, too, but this coffin style seems to be a favorite, worn on more than a few special occasions.


In a brilliant twist of fate, Bachik happens to be Margot Robbie’s manicurist as well and created her custom nails colors for all the Barbie promo so far, including the cast’s June 25 photo call.

Everyone will find out either way when the movie hits wide release on July 21, but who else is holding out hope that Gomez make a little cameo of her own in Barbie? Clearly, she would fit right in.