Sarah Jessica Parker’s Outfit At A Wine Tasting Hit All The Maximalist Notes

Follow her styling formula.

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Sarah Jessica Parker on location for 'And Just Like That' at Madison Square Park on November 07, 202...
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While some fashionistas prefer minimalist styles — think neutral colored trousers, black blazers, and brown loafers — others find themselves reaching for brightly patterned items to add into their wardrobes. For maximalists, the key to formulating an outfit that is bold without being overwhelming lies in balancing colorful pieces with more muted tones. As seen in Sarah Jessica Parker’s wine tasting outfit, ahead, the actor managed to effectively rock two completely contrasting prints together. Her cottagecore-inspired ensemble is easy to recreate, if you follow her styling lead.

Parker was able to successfully tackle the style obstacle by first reaching for a plaid and lace top designed with basic colors (black, cream, brown, and hints of red.) Then, she paired the piece with a silk skirt covered in an artistic, painted design — if you look closely, you’ll see horses, trees, and other nature motifs throughout. By complementing the colorful and breezy number with a relatively “plain” patterned blouse, she created an outfit that allowed her to express her adoration for printed pieces without going overboard. Of course, the patterned separates, too, appeared more forgiving should she have gotten a bit of wine on them, compared to if she had worn a white dress or tee.


Because of the daring pieces in her look for the vino-filled evening, she stuck to the basics when selecting her jewelry. Draped across her neck, you’ll spot a silver chain-link necklace. She also showed off her matching silver studs by putting her hair up into a high ponytail. To complete her outfit, she put on her signature frameless glasses to get a closer look at the blending process for Invivo X SJP. (For fans of And Just Like That.., you’ll recall Carrie wore a similar Gucci pair in the season finale.)


Although the brands behind the actor’s exact look haven’t yet been revealed, you’ll be able to shop similar pieces to recreate the outfit in the edit ahead. Maximalists, make sure to follow Parker’s styling formula from above to ensure that your ensemble feels bold, but not overly flashy.

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