This Tiny Detail In Rihanna’s Latest Maternity Look Hints That Her Baby May Be A Taurus

The best to ever do it.

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As she enters the final phases of her culture-shifting (and adorable) pregnancy, Rihanna’s showing no signs of curbing her now-signature maternity style. Even a walk from her car to a restaurant's door is more like a catwalk strut — her poise and always-perfect hair, makeup, and outfit choices make sure of it. For her first Mother’s Day as a mom-to-be, the mogul attended dinner in her coolest maternity look of the entire nine-month stretch. In a jewel-encrusted Miu Miu cropped set straight out of an early-2000s music video, she’s hitting several trends at once — but it’s Rihanna’s Y2K hair, summery nails, glossy-glam makeup, and some very strategically-placed body glitter that takes her entire aesthetic to the next level.

Rihanna’s Mother Day dinner look is centered around maximum, diamond-bright shine, from her glossy braided pigtails to the gleaming ankle bracelets positioned just above her equally-shimmery Louboutins. But considering it was such an auspicious day for the almost-mother, it makes sense that Rih would pull out all the stops — enter the smattering of silvery body glitter all over her beautiful baby bump. Rihanna’s unapologetic, remarkably refreshing approach to maternity wear has been the subject of many thinkpieces, and this body glitter detail feels like the concept’s beauty equivalent.


Each component of Rihanna’s dinner look was carefully chosen to fit in with all the others. There’s her icy blue pedicure, a slightly different shade than the snow-white color on her fingernails. There’s the rose-pink gloss shellacking her pregnancy-plumped lips, the swaths of hair left out of her high-hoisted braided pigtails, and ultra-precise eyeliner, too. Watching Rihanna step out into a public space is like watching a master chess player — she’s seeing moves no one else can, always six steps ahead of her peers.

A new emerald charm bracelet given to Ri by A$AP Rocky may hint that their baby is coming this month — emeralds are May’s traditional birthstone, and the couple just held a cheeky rave-themed baby shower in L.A. in late April. As excited as the world is to watch everyone’s favorite popstar become a mother, it’s safe to say her singular pregnancy style will be missed — at least until her second comes along, anyway. In the meantime, there are still plenty of hidden beauty details to pore over from her crystal-embellish look alone.