Priyanka Chopra’s Cocoa-Brown Nails Are Actually The Ultimate Vacation Shade

The perfect pick.

Priyanka Chopra natural curls

Priyanka Chopra’s always had a brilliant eye, but her manicures are consistently something special. Often, she takes an existing trend and totally inverts it, adding her own distinct spin and fresh take. She’s done it with bright greens, French tips, and artful designs, but sometimes it’s the simplest looks that end up being the most impactful. Recently, Chopra’s brown nails have been an ever-present accessory among her increasingly warm weather-friendly outfits, a notable shade for several reasons. First, it’s a stunning shade of nude-adjacent, full of gloss and shine. But it’s also a fantastically beachy color that’s become increasingly popular for spring and summer. Bucking conventional wisdom that dictates tropical brights and neons for the season, Chopra is among a growing group of celebrities favoring a rich brown polish over all others.

Chopra most recently showed off her manicure in a full-body mirror selfie seemingly taken on-set, she’s dressed in a casual pair of sweats and a cropped tank top, her hair pulled up into a half-bun. With her hand wrapped around her phone, fans get a clear look at the deep brown polish applied over what appears to be her own natural nails — a full-fledged trend in and of itself, actually.


The brown polish fits right in with her usual penchant for luxe solid colors, including glossy midnight blacks, chrome-dusted shell pinks, and milky pink nudes. Chopra seems to reach for the shade most during spring and summer, spotted in several Instagram videos filmed for her Anomaly hair care line and on family vacations taken with husband Nick Jonas and their young daughter, Malti.

It’s easy to see why so many of Chopra’s fellow stars are loving brown right now. In the past few weeks alone, Jennifer Aniston wore a pale shade of earth on the 50th anniversary cover of People Magazine, while Keke Palmer showed off a metallic, chrome-amplified brown on her Instagram page. Some think the color is for autumn and winter alone, but it’s quietly taking over as one of the most sought-after spring shades out there — and Chopra so perfectly demonstrates why, too.