Meghan Markle Used This Simple Hack To Make Her Home Office Work For Two

It all comes down to one piece.

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If there’s any place you’d imagine taking inspiration for your WFH setup, it probably wouldn’t be Meghan Markle’s home office. Not because she doesn’t have style — the Duchess has certainly proven that she does in spades — but mainly because, well, the homes of royal family members aren’t exactly usually easy to emulate. Which is why you may be surprised that the Duchess rendered that assumption baseless when she recently shared a video of her own working space. Because not only is it a pared-back room with easy-to-copy decor; it also features a brilliant trick for adding seating that nearly anyone can recreate.

In light of her 40th birthday, the Suits alum released a message through the Duke and Duchess’ organization, Archewell, announcing a new initiative titled 40x40 that’s dedicated to supporting women re-entering the workforce. In it, she Zooms with actor and comedian Melissa McCarthy while giving viewers an unprecedented look at her largely beige (and incredibly cozy) home office.

There are several decorating tips that viewers can take from this welcome glimpse. Markle’s room is a lesson in coziness, not to mention the perfect example of how to blend textures in a monochrome space. Without a doubt, though, the most noteworthy detail from her home is the massive desk (or, more accurately, dining table), which allows for much more seating than the average setup.


In fact, this seems to be a goal of Markle’s, who has two chairs pulled up to the oversized piece. It’s a genius solution that’s both versatile and easy: A dining table can be used to create a co-working space for couples who only have one office, a school area for home learning, or even a team working out of a single room. All you need is a large table, and as many chairs as you desire. Then, you can create separate workstations on top as needed.

While Meghan’s own table (which Domino reported appears to be the Classic Home Bordeaux Dining Table) is now sold out, you can create your own version of her setup with just about any piece of your choosing. It just needs to be big enough to fit more than one chair, and the rest is up to you — whether you want to go with a similar French country vibe or something more modern.

Work arrangements increasingly involve the home, and making the most of your space is more important than ever. That doesn’t mean you have to get fancy, however; Markle’s office is a prime example of using simple hacks to maximize efficiency and square footage. Ahead, a few dining tables to help you follow her lead.

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