Drew Barrymore’s Home Office Is The Cozy Inspo Your WFH Setup Needs

These essentials will help you create a similar vibe.

Drew Barrymore / Instagram

By now, most of us know the essentials needed for a productive WFH space; a good chair, sunlight, and some serious noise-canceling headphones. But given that this situation is now predicted to be many of our realities for the foreseeable future, it’s not enough anymore to do the bare minimum with your work area. At this point, it’s time to start thinking about making it a room or nook you actually enjoy — and to do that, you’ll need to start by investing in some cozy home office must-haves. Thankfully, Drew Barrymore has provided a helpful blueprint for those just getting started.

The star showed off her own office space in a March 30 Instagram post in an unexpected announcement detailing the launch of her forthcoming magazine, DREW. And like the rest of her home, it was impeccably decorated — but also the perfect balance of lived-in and chic. Essentially, Barrymore’s room was cozy working at its finest, and worthy of copying immediately if you’re looking to create a similar vibe.

Fortunately, that’s not difficult at all to do. It all comes down to a few cozy office essentials, which are broken down for you, ahead.

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Cozy Home Office Must-Have: A Rug

Consider this scenario: You get up from your office chair to refill your coffee and your bare feet hit the cold, hard floor. As you’re probably imagining, that’s not only slightly disconcerting, but also just cold and uncomfortable. To make sure this doesn’t happen multiple times a day, though, all you need is a cushy rug underfoot à la Barrymore. Just make sure it reaches your desk area (and ideally, all your furniture should be touching it) so that you can take advantage of its cozy effects throughout your entire day.

Cozy Home Office Must-Have: Extra Seating

Sure, you could just throw a desk chair in there and be done with it. But as the Beautiful Kitchenware founder demonstrates in her own home, multiple seating options add depth, texture, and, well, just some other places to sit. (Because who wants to be stuck at their desk for the full eight-plus hours of work?) If you have the space for it, scatter a few accent chairs around the room, or consider even adding a couch to create a spot for mid-day power naps.

Cozy Home Office Must-Have: Layered Lighting

Natural sunlight is an important part of a home office if you can swing it. However, don’t forget to include some additional sources of light; in fact, the more, the merrier, as you can see from Barrymore’s photo. The 46-year-old not only included a desk lamp in her work space, but also a pair of sconces (and probably some overhead lighting, too). With layers like this, you’ll be able to create a comforting, warm vibe in addition to just reducing strain on your eyes — a win-win in any book.

Cozy Home Office Must-Have: Lots Of Photos

Artwork makes an impact on any room, but it’s especially important in a home office where you want to be stimulated. (Because is there anything less inspiring than a completely blank wall?) However, don’t just throw up some purchased paintings and be done with it. Make the space feel personal with photos of family, friends, or anything else that’s meaningful to you like Barrymore did. That way, you’ll feel surrounded with love and joy, which can be an important grounding element on stressful days.

Cozy Home Office Must-Have: Nature

Of course, Barrymore knows that no cozy space is complete without some touches of nature. In addition to providing mental and physical benefits, plants and florals can add even more texture to a room — a crucial element when creating a comfortable atmosphere. Follow Barrymore’s lead with some fresh flowers (dried will also work, if you can’t be bothered) or place some live greenery throughout the space for a similar effect.