Megan Fox Just Rocked A Nail Color You Don’t See Often Anymore

But you’ll probably be seeing more of now.

Megan Fox nails

Amid the current nail art craze, it’s rare to see solid manicures take the spotlight over trendy styles like French manicures. However, there’s something to be said for commitment to a single shade, especially when it’s an eye-catching neon. Never one to stray from bold looks, Megan Fox just made a strong case for the solid mani with her new bright orange nails. Fox’s makeup artist, Jenna Kristina, took to Instagram to share the latest makeup look she created for the star; a simple glowy look with a pop of bright orange on the inner eyelids. In the photo, Fox has her hand in the frame, showing off her long, almond shaped nails that match the color of her eyeshadow. It’s also worth noting that the star’s jaw-dropping diamond and emerald engagement ring made it into the shot, over which Kristina playfully tagged the star’s new fiance, Machine Gun Kelly.

In the post, Kristina notes that her choice of eyeshadow was inspired by Fox’s orange manicure, courtesy of nail artist Brittany Boyce. “#MeganFox and I were inspired by the 🔥🍊 nails by @nails_of_la,” she wrote in the caption. The artist’s followers are absolutely loving the matching look, with one even commenting that: “It’s giving me Kraft Mac and cheese powdered cheese pigment 😍😍😍.” They’re certainly not wrong.

All jokes aside, neon has become a prominent color trend that’s taken on many mediums. As Y2K money piece highlights have grown in popularity, many (including Bella Hadid and Bree Runway) have experimented with a incorporating the bright shade in their hair. Neon eyeliner was also a major beauty trend in 2021. Makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan created two noteworthy neon eyeliner looks in 2021; a simple baby wing to amp up Lucy Hale’s natural makeup and Emma Chamberlain’s unforgettable green eyeliner at the Met Gala. In the summer of 2021, celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik created a gorgeous neon green manicure for Selena Gomez, which perfectly played up her neon pink eyeshadow done by makeup artist Jenna Nicole.

The neon trend typically gets the most traction in the summer, but Megan Fox’s new manicure is a welcome reminder that there’s never a wrong time to rock bold, bright nail nails.