Maude Apatow’s Vampy Eyeshadow Signals Fall’s Coolest Makeup Trend

She’s in her blue era.

Maude Apatow '90s makeup and hair

According to the internet, Maude Apatow was born on December 15, 1997. Other than proving she’s a Sagittarius, Apatow’s exact birthday reveals something a little more revealing. Thanks to her mid-’90s birth year, Apatow is neither a true millennial nor a firm Gen Z-er — she’s part of an in-between phenomenon often called “zillennials”, and the categorization explains everything about the aesthetics she gravitates toward. Take Maude Apatow’s blue eyeliner at the Giorgio Armani Privé show for instance — that smoky, attitude-filled eye and dusty rose lip have a palpable grunge influence, probably inspired in part by her own Gen X icon parents. And just days earlier, Apatow indulged her Zoomer side with an anime-emblazoned outfit, bright orange eyeshadow, and quirky lace-up pigtails. Apatow’s always been one of those old souls who can pass between eras and aesthetics with impressive ease, but this back-to-back switch-up takes it to new heights.

Apatow’s vampy makeup is a rich, dramatic contrast to the light and airy looks typically seen this time of year, but her baby blue nail polish shade is one of the season’s coolest mani trends. The moody color theme continued through her navy Armani fishnet-and-velvet gown, and, of course, in the very subtle blue tones seen through her eye makeup.

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

Though exact details weren’t spelled out, Apatow did share a glimpse at what went in to bringing the piercing look to life. Naturally, a slew of Armani Beauty products was used (Apatow is an ambassador, too), with the cult-favorite Lip Power in shades 109 and 203 mentioned specifically.

Apatow’s playful approach to beauty and fashion is a refreshing change from the often-restrained, button-up looks favored by some in her stylish milieu. Utterly unafraid to experiment with color, shape, fabrics, finishes, and styles, the Euphoria star’s looks defy categorization — and in a world obsessed with labels and self-sorting (TikTok’s Clean Girl, That Girl, Coconut Girl, and E-Girl “trends” all come to mind), Apatow’s insistence on living in the in-between sets her well apart.