6 Clean Girl Outfits To Channel TikTok's New Favorite Aesthetic

With light colors, soft fabrics, and a balance of loose and fitted silhouettes, this trend is both practical and pretty.

by Erin Cunningham
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Glass skin, elevated basics, an effortless attitude — the “Clean Girl” aesthetic has taken over TikTok, and with it has followed a flood of inspiration for how to be the dewiest, freshest version of yourself. While hair and makeup associated with the trend are more straightforward (think: a slicked-back bun, tinted moisturizer instead of heavy foundation, and extra-glossy lips), understanding how to dress the part might feel a little more complex. Because what does TikTok’s “Clean Girl” honestly wear?

A quick Pinterest search will show boards filled with silky slips, oversized linen button-ups, and a play on proportions — such as a bra top with wide-leg trousers or a mini skirt with an extra-large cardigan.

Colors are mostly neutral (black, white, and khaki) with subtle pastels mixed in. It might seem similar to minimalism, but depending on your style, the “Clean Girl” aesthetic can actually be adapted to many looks. With sneakers and looser shapes, it can be sporty; with combat boots and skinny sunglasses, it can be edgy; with a layered sweater over a collared shirt, it can be preppy.

With a mix of primarily light colors, soft fabrics, and a balance of loose and fitted silhouettes, this trend is both practical and pretty — and what more could you really want from a look?

Channel your inner Hailey Bieber with the six below outfit ideas to shop now.

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(Clean) Girls’ Night Out

Now this is how you do a night out. At the core, this outfit is all about silky textures and showing a lot of skin. But an oversized white denim jacket and chunky ankle-high boots help bring things back down to earth.

Nancy Meyers Inspired

For the aspiring Coastal Grandmother. If you’re a fan of Diane Keaton in any Nancy Meyers rom-com or TikTok style icon Larissa Mills, you’ll know they both swear by one thing: elevated basics. Wear a ribbed tank with white jeans and an oxford shirt (worn open, of course) for the ultimate in relaxed fashion.

Weekend Wear

Skip the workout set for a loose-fitting tank and roomy cargo pants that are just as apt for errand running. Here, accessories make the look, from an oversized market tote to low-top sneakers to the “Clean Girl” piece de resistance: the claw clip.

An Effortless ‘Fit

Casual doesn’t need to mean low effort — but putting in effort also doesn’t need to equal uncomfortable clothing. A standard white tee and jean shorts combo is made cooler with vintage-inspired designs, while pink kicks and a chambray bag add just the right hint of color.

Sultry Slip Set

Is any pairing more quintessentially “Clean Girl” than a fitted slip dress topped with a boxy blazer? A monochromatic base allows for more playful add-ons, like slip-on kitten heels and a tiny crossbody, both in varying shades of green.

Simplistic Chic

“Clean Girls” know how to make any piece of clothing look more elevated, including a simple crewneck. Even when styled with something as quintessential as straight-leg jeans, heeled sandals, a sleek shoulder bag, and some gold jewelry make the outfit anything but boring.

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