This Bright Hair Color Will Be So In-Demand For 2024 & Maude Apatow Already Has It


Maude Apatow short brown hair

It felt like a different celebrity unveiled an exciting new hair transformation virtually every week of 2023, and the year’s final moments are no different. Everyone wants to get in on the transformative fun before the New Year’s Eve buzzer. One late entry is especially excellent, though. Maude Apatow’s new blonde hair is more than just a particularly cool dye job. She’s tapped into an all-time great color technique and one of the hottest shades of next year — but hasn’t the Euphoria star always been well ahead of the trend curve?

As it happens, Apatow’s fresh hair color is her second major pivot in the last few months. She kicked off the fall by debuting a shimmery shade of gingersnap — after a full year of playing a redheaded character on the West End — but this new look is even more of an all-over change-up. Celebrity hairstylist Bridget Brager was the first to break the news, showing off shots of Apatow modeling the bouncy waves she styled as well as the color created by Matt Rez. The overall shade is a golden-toned bronde, while the outermost layer of highlights are brighter and more buttery to catch the light and really shine.


As celebrity colorist Guy Tang told TZR earlier this year, that natural-adjacent base shade will be one of the most sought-after looks of 2024. “It’s the perfect balance between warm tones and rustic hues,” he explained.

It’s also critical to mention that Apatow’s even-cut, blunt bob features a “money piece” on either side of her head. The beloved color technique took a bit of a backseat this year, but it’s clear just how illuminating the face-framing style is. Don’t be surprised if it returns with a vengeance next year.

Of course, the transformation feels all the more significant when compared to the sweet ginger red Apatow was loving just before her gearshift into blonde. It looks like she got a fresh chop at the same time as her new highlights, bringing her hair from just past clavicle-length back up to the shoulder-clearing bob she usually favors.

As she continues to cycle through trending colors and cuts, one thing’s obvious — there hasn’t been a look yet that hasn’t been incredible on her. If 2023 is any indication, next year will the moment she truly ascends.