Lucy Boynton Is Redefining Tennis Style With Her Neon Pink Hair At Wimbledon

Bold and beautiful.

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Lucy Boynton long hair

Lucy Boynton is the most aesthetically exciting kind of celebrity — regardless of what type of event she’s attending, it’s anyone’s guess what her look will be when she gets there. Most often, it’s her makeup that’s getting the focus, in the form of swirling, graphic eyeliner, face gems, or an exciting eyeshadow-lipstick color combination. But when Boynton arrived at day one of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London on July 1, she instantly redefined spectator style with her short, classic bob totally transformed. Boynton’s new pink hair is a summery yet unexpected shade of pink, a fun and electrifying choice that — combined with her twee dress — might feel a little bit nostalgic.

As one of several A-list guests at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, Boynton knew she’d be drawing plenty of eyes from her prime VIP seat. But with her nearly neon watermelon-pink hair color, you can spot the star all the way across the court. When backlit by the sun, the ends of her bob appear to be a lighter shade than higher up toward her roots. It adds an undeniably exciting DIY edge that fits right in with the actor’s creative reputation.

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Notably, she didn’t take the bright pink all the way to her scalp, instead leaving about an inch of natural brown root blending down into the neon dye. Not only is it just a practical choice — that deeper shadow would sprout on its own within a few weeks anyway — but it accentuates the delightfully 2010s feel of her entire look. Consider the twee Peter Pan-collared Celine dress she’s wearing, as well as the oval shades — they’d look right at home on a cool girl’s Tumblr circa 2012, reblogged in between a shot of scuffed Doc Martens and that love letter Alex Turner wrote to Alexa Chung.

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Boynton’s prim dress, high socks, and strappy Mary Janes feel right on the money for spectating a tennis match, where you’ll usually see preppier, more formal outfit choices. It’s her hair, though, that really shakes things up and makes her entire look a sight to behold.