Lucy Boynton’s ‘Mod Dolly’ Eye Makeup Is As Punchy As It Is Pretty

New aesthetic just dropped.

Amy Sussman/FilmMagic/Getty Images
Lucy Boynton red lipstick 2023

It’s something new fans learn about her almost immediately — absolutely no one is doing eye makeup like Lucy Boynton right now. It doesn’t matter if she’s walking the red carpet at the Oscars, seated front row at a fashion show, or just running around London with friends. Invariably, you can find Boynton done up in glitter or some fantastically unexpected eyeshadow shade, flexing her seemingly boundless creativity through her cosmetic choices. Her latest look, though, deserves some special attention. For a celebratory dinner toasting Chanel’s new watches and fine jewelry retail outpost on Fifth Avenue, Boynton and makeup artist Jo Baker created a retro-meets-futuristic concoction of color and finish that needs to be seen to be believed.

Baker describes Boynton’s look for the dinner as “neon mod dolly”, and it is an apt name. Far-spaced, fluffy lashes give the Bohemian Rhapsody star that wide-eyed, fluttery effect, and they essentially frame the rest of her eye makeup. Steely cement-gray eyeshadow, illuminated by the subtlest flecks of sparkle, are spread across her lids, giving way to a burst of bright taffy-pink at her inner and outer corners. Here’s where things get really brilliant though — that pretty pink shade at the ends of her eyes seamlessly melts into a similar-toned blush from Baker’s BAKEUP Beauty Neon Micro Palm Palette, creeping up her cheekbones and across her temples. It’s sultry, fun, and right in the actor’s aesthetic wheelhouse.

Jamie McCarthy/WireImage/Getty Images

The doll-like vibe fits beautifully with Boynton’s bouncy, traditional-length bob, and the colors featured match some of the rainbow flecks in her tweed Chanel skirt set. The makeup-outfit combination is gorgeous in the official high-definition photos from the event, but to truly be appreciated, you have to take in the close-up video Baker filmed just before the actor headed out the door.

Naturally, Boynton used a host of Chanel products to get the look, including the tulip-colored lipstick dabbed just so across the mouth. The key to the makeup seems to be matching up those cool undertones that suit Boynton so wonderfully. Everything from the specific shade of pink on her eyes, lips, and cheeks to the icy tone of her hair is cool and celestial, perfect pairings with her coloring.

As an emerging fashion and beauty darling, expect even more daring moments from Boynton as the rest of Fashion Month slowly unfolds.