Lori Harvey Shares Her Favorite Beauty Trends As The First Cover Star Of Instagram's Zine

Gotta love her.

Lori Harvey Instagram

Instagram is a constant source of inspiration, so it was only a matter of time until the global platform decided to launch their very own magazine, called The Zine, just last year. Today the app launched its third issue, this time tapping emerging ‘It’ girl, model, and skin care line founder Lori Harvey to be the first official cover star. Lori Harvey’s Instagram is already a deep pool of fashion and beauty inspiration so this collaboration makes so much sense. If you’re not already familiar, the idea behind the twice-yearly magazine is simple — “The Zine uncovers the emerging and niche forms of self-expression, visual aesthetics, and more inspired by young people who are sparking conversations around authenticity and identity,” reads a press release. Essentially it’s a compilation of what’s up next and soon to be trending in beauty and style.

For the first issue with a cover star Harvey was styled as a ‘90s cyber raver, which, you may notice, is very in line with what’s likely popping up on your home screen. “My favorite era, I feel like will always be the ‘90s… [it] was just such a timeless, effortless era,” explains Harvey. The shoot leans into fresh spring and summer-centric trends from jelly, chunky, glitter-y 3D nails, maximalist hair, statement knitwear, upcycled clothing, and more. The looks were ideated by a team of experts: makeup artist Leo Chaparro, nail artist Sonjn Oh, hair pro Joey George, and fashion stylist Chris Horan.

Ahead, get a sneak peak at some of the emerging beauty trends from the shoot.

Jelly, Chunks, & Glitter Nails In 3D

Courtesy of Instagram

Chunky glitter, embellished, and glass nails are in. “Creators are drifting into the whimsical and experimenting with fantasy esthetics where they generously apply bold glitter on both their nails and their lids,” reads the press release. The magazine points to jelly nails (where you mix a clear nail polish with a pinch of color for a transparent shade) as a major incoming trend. Bonus points for combining the jelly trend with other designs and embellishments — basically the more ornate the better. Tooth gems and crystal eye embellishments, Instagram says, are just a few of the trending add-ons you can expect to see. It also dubs press on nails as “here to stay.”

Maximalist Hair

Courtesy of Instagram

Low-key hairstyles are taking a backseat to what The Zine is coining Maximalist hair. Simply put: Hair experts and content creators are having a lot more fun. “[They’re] experimenting with avant garde hairstyles that exemplify anime and video game characters while redefining and challenging, often westernized, beauty ideals,” reads the release. Think more inclusive looks that move away from the mainstream and creations that are gender non conforming. Expect to see hashtags like #freshfades, #braidedponytails, double #mohawks, #cornrows, and #rattails populating feeds.

For a closer look at these and other fashion and beauty trends Instagram wants you to know about, you can access the full issue here or via @Instagram and you can find a sneak peek over on @Loriharvey’s page.