You’ve Never Seen A French Manicure Like Lizzo’s Latest Look

She’s on fire.

Lizzo baby pink nails and highlights

To get technical, Lizzo’s zodiac sign is firmly in Taurus, a grounded and creative earth sign. But going just by her infectious energy and penchant for everything eye-grabbing, she’s spiritually a fire sign — no question. And in fact, all the evidence necessary to support that claim can be found in her new manicure from the People’s Choice Awards. Lizzo’s red and gold nails, at first-glance, are a fiery swirl of scarlets, metallics, and gleaming rhinestones, but a closer look reveals they’re actually an abstract take on a classic French manicure. The concentration of darker-toned, black-tinted red at the tips looks like slowly fading embers, while the bursts of gold — not to mention the jewels — make it holiday party-perfect.

The glittering manicure came courtesy of celebrity nail artist Eri Ishizu, who routinely works with Lizzo in addition to fellow A-listers like Kendall Jenner, Issa Rae, and Gwen Stefani. In a zoomed-in look at the glossy French tips, posted to Ishizu’s Instagram, fans can take in the mani’s full effect. There are so many tiny details that have to be seen close-up to truly appreciate, like the trail of royal blue dots snaking up the nude-toned nail beds. The touches of gold, though, are what really connects the manicure to her Alexander McQueen ensemble, accessories, and tangle of glamorous hair rings, too.


The entirety of Lizzo’s glam captured the same gilded, opulent vibe of the nails, from her soft, smoky eyeshadow to the warm flush of coral-toned blush across her cheekbones — all the handiwork of her go-to makeup artist, Alexx Mayo. One of the most unexpected and exciting elements of her look, however, were the constellation of hair rings concentrated at her side-part. A regal way to do the celeb-beloved hair jewelry trend, the Shelby Swain-created hairstyle is an instantly-memorable one.


If you’re still deciding exactly what manicures to get for holiday parties, events, and — most crucially — New Year’s Eve, consider this a sign to bring the heat. To bring the look to life, Ishizu used a slew of OPI polish colors beloved by nail aficianados and professionals alike. “I used the iconic shade Big Apple Red with a hint of Lincoln Park After Dark on the tip to complete her overall look,” Ishizu explained in a press release. Together, the colors helped form that flickering-flame effect.

Move away from the notion that French manicures need to have perfectly-defined borders and classic colors and embrace the extravagance of a non-traditional version — clearly, taking a risk can seriously pay off.