Lizzo’s Shimmering Face Crystals Give Her Instant ‘Angel Eyes’ & It’s So Ethereal

Take notes.

Lizzo blue shimmery eyeshadow

Lizzo’s never afraid to light up the night with a bit of sparkle — be it cosmetic of that lit-from-within glow she seems to radiate everywhere she goes. And when combines the two? A glamorous, glittering masterpiece. This week, as she begins concluding her blockbusting Special tour, Lizzo treated to fans to one of her final looks and it happens to be one of her coolest of all-time. Lizzo’s eye gems, strategically positioned at the inner and outer corners as well as the center of her lower lash line, aren’t as theatrical as some of her earlier tour makeup — but its real-world wearability and twinkling effect suggests the Euphoria-esque crystals are here to stay.

The Grammy-winning singer-dancer-flautist first shared photos of the ethereal look on her Instagram, in some casual photos from her tour bus — as casual as reading your own cover issue of Vanity Fair on your personal decked-out bus can be, that is. In the photos, Lizzo pages through the magazine with long, intricate, baby-pink nails and her glossy curls pulled up into four low pigtails. Peeking out from beneath her elongated eyeliner wings are three tiny, clear crystals, positioned in an arc sweeping from her inner corners to the outer corner.

Though it wasn’t exactly specified in the post, the look is almost surely courtesy of Alexx Mayo, Lizzo’s beloved makeup artist who consistently comes up with the best looks for the star, both on-tour and off. The clear color of the crystals catch the light and reflect it back up into Lizzo’s eye, creating a very literal starry-eyed effect that feels more than a little magical. It’s instant angel eyes, and it’s an exciting, flirty choice for the upcoming holiday party circuit.

Since the big Euphoria makeup boom, face crystals and eye gems have been enjoying a major moment in the sun. Many of the most iconic looks from the show, though, are on the more extreme, avant-garde side — Lizzo’s more subdued version is just as head-turning, but not so over-the-top that it pulls focus from her ensemble and other beauty touches.

To get the look at home, use eye-safe crystals and wax grabbing tool to lift up the small, clear gems and position them around the eyes, taking care to go under the lashes rather than over them to avoid accidentally pulling out hairs. From there, all you need to do is find your light and bat your lashes — the crystals will take care of the rest.