Lizzo’s Mesmerizing Mermaid Makeup Hints At A Sultry Summer Ahead

Welcome to Lizzo’s lagoon.

Lizzo with updo bun Harry Styles concert

All year long, Lizzo treats fans to brilliantly themed looks for the current season. When the weather cools off, she’s experimenting with preppy back-to-school plaids and barrettes. If it’s football season, Lizzo’s in a custom pigskin bustier, and come the holidays, she’s playing Glam Grinch with red and green glitters, wigs, and candy cane-striped everything. But despite Lizzo’s endless calendar couture, she’s a true summer girl through and through — she loves luxurious hotel pools, tropical islands, and her endless collection of the cutest bikinis. Though spring has (technically) not yet sprung, Lizzo’s mermaid eye makeup is so mesmerizingly summery, it’ll give you a sudden craving for the smell of sunscreen and triple sec.

Lizzo’s aquatic-chic makeup comes straight from Texas — she’s from the Lone Star State, too — where she’s performing and appearing on panels for South By Southwest in Austin. Based on her tags, it seems like the Watch Out For The Big Grrls star collaborated with her go-to makeup artist, Alexx Mayo, to bring the look to life. The eye makeup features a sea-green arc of glitter eyeshadow extended out to eye-enlargening wings, lined with a black liquid liner for a cat-eye effect, and topped with a pair of ultra-fluttery lashes. The best part, though, is what’s happening just below.


If you take a closer look at the photos, Lizzo’s lower lash line is also ringed in that sunning aquamarine shade and outlined with an ultra-precise liquid liner to add even more depth, size, and attention to her deep brown eyes. Inner corner eye makeup is having something of a major moment, no doubt in large part due to the Euphoria effect — “It’s giving Maddy,” one of the photo’s top Instagram comments even reads. While extending your eyeshadow around the lower lash line isn’t anything new, the graphic liner shapes kind of are. It’s an easy way to add flair to your look — dress up the inner corners with liner like Lizzo, add rhinestones for shine, an extended cat-eye triangle, or a pop of contrasting color like Patrick Ta did for Gigi Hadid.

Regardless of how you choose to dress up those inner corners, endless envious double-takes and “How did you do that?!” compliments are all but guaranteed — which sounds like an ordinary Monday afternoon for Lizzo, really.