Lizzo’s New Cottagecore Look Deserves An Entire Netflix Series

Does Shonda have time to write one more show?

Lizzo with space buns and green nails

Forget TikTok’s hypnotic infinite scroll — if you need a quick catch-up on every current beauty trend plus a few that are just about to take off, you might as well just browse Lizzo’s Instagram feed instead. Among her hilarious Reels and Stories are enviable outfit-of-the-day posts, magazine photoshoots, music video stills, and just-for-fun makeup and hair experimentations. Lizzo’s latest post, a sweet tribute to love in all forms for Valentine’s Day, features impossibly dreamy hair and makeup — but Lizzo’s faux freckles take the romantic cottagecore aesthetic to new heights.

In Lizzo’s photos, a warm wash of rosy blush illuminates the apples of her cheeks and complements the actual roses arranged in a lush flower crown around her forehead. Those cheery pink shades also show up in her eyeshadow (albeit much more faintly) and highlight the mossy green contact lenses she’s wearing, too. The real attention-grabber in the all-new photoset, though, (aside from her heartfelt, poignant caption) is the smattering of realistic-looking freckles dusting her forehead, cheeks, and nose. The combination of blooming flowers, flushed pinks, fluttery lashes, and youthful freckles all spell out a sort of fresh, bucolic beauty that would look just as at home in an episode of Bridgerton or in a royal rose garden as it would in a high-fashion magazine spread.

Unsurprisingly, Lizzo tapped her go-to glam dream team to bring this fairytale vision to life, including makeup mainstay Alexx Mayo and celebrity-favorite hairstylist Shelby Swain. Not only did Swain artfully arrange the delicate swirls of baby hairs lining Lizzo’s forehead, but she also constructed the pink rose flower crown, too. Eri Ishizu — who’s behind some of Issa Rae and Jennifer Lopez’s all-time greatest nail moments — gave the “Rumors” singer a delicate, milky-pink manicure, and photographer Bonnie Nichoalds captured the results on film.

To get Lizzo’s romantic look, it’s key to concentrate on just a few main points. There’s the flower crown, of course, which can be substituted for another floral accessory like a scarf. There’s the rose-tinted blush, which is so important for nailing the just-kissed flush Lizzo is working, and providing a bold background for the faux freckles later.

Try opting for a cream blush that melts into skin, like the gorgeous (and very buildable) Jones Road Miracle Balm in Flushed, a newly-launched shade perfect that adds a great balance of sheen and pigment — and it somehow manages to stick around all day, too.


As for the freckles themselves, the tight clustering and realistic-looking placement of Lizzo’s freckles suggest the use of a splatter effect — the freckles are more randomized in size, shape, and location than a manual draw-on freckle pen, which goes a long way for realism. Pick up a set that comes pre-loaded with smudge-free formula in assorted colors (there’s an option for every skin tone) and a reusable stick for splattering, or just go DIY with a waterproof brown mascara that features large, fluffy wand bristles and a few clean toothpicks. Hold the wand aloft, a few inches from your face, close your eyes, and use the toothpick to flick the formula (think a potato-peeling motion) to lightly coat the face. While the newly-formed freckles are drying, you can gingerly dab at them for a more faded, realistic look, too.

In no time, you’ll have a storybook look just begging for nap dresses, picnic baskets, and sun-dappled fields — symphony soundtrack unfortunately not included.

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